Saturday, June 2, 2007

Exam Number 4:

Weird Day--
There is nothing worse then going to the exam and feeling sick. That was my state today. I almost fainted before i entered the exam. I had a strong headache,and a stomache ache. I had Pandol before i left the house. I couldnt eat breakfast..(i never eat breakfast on normal days except forcefully during exam days and so with being sick there was no way i'd be able to swollow anything more then water/pandol.)
I feel so bitter!! I do. The exam was easy. I made the stupidest mistake ever!! I hate it when i do that. I feel so sorry for myself. I could have easily scored perfect only if i paid enough attention (concentration issues). There were two questions each worth 30 marks. Question number one had ten points to which i answered perfectly (alhamdullah). Question number two was a case concerning divorce/child support/compnesation.We have to spot the mistakes in the case and fix them. I started with mistake number one :i determined the wrong court...that was so stupied of me,why? the prof gave us the exact same case in class on our last lecture and i answered it with him in class. When i was taking the exam, i was mentally saying i need to change the court to (*****) and instead i copied with my won eyes the same mistake written in the exam question(helloo im supposed to fix it)...Well i did the same error during my midterm and my prof only took off 2 marks. I just hope that overall i dont lose more then 10 marks...(mentally i'm saying please God not more then five) lol. I'm crazy!!!
The reason i feel bitter is because i knew the answer. Walahi if i didnt i wouldnt care less..But i knew it..i make mistakes of such types all the time...=(lack of concentration) any solutions?!!!

--I almost got killed today,i took a shower and i took in water instead of breathing air..that should happen when a person is swiming but i was taking a shower for God's sake. I almost died."ga3det enfarfesh".. My nose still hurts while i'm typing this. But at least im breathing now. Its a blessing in case any of you have forgatten!!!

>>>on another note,my parents and little siblings are on a trip abraod..they are soooooooo lucky!!!

***OPPS -i just eyed them,my sis told me they are coming back today!! Weird: they were supposed to come on Thursday!! I wonder what happened?!! Well i guess its because they didnt take me with them. I told them to wait until i'm done...oh well. They are coming back :)

Next Exam: General Financial Law (MONEY) --
(light subject,with only 7 lectures/no books yay for the first time i only need to cover my written notes)
Time of the exam:11am-1pm
Date of the exam: June4th,2007

Again duaa please.
I'm tired from exams! I cant wait until they are over! Ya rabi please i want them over soon!


a_akak said...

Salamat salamat salamat ………….. ansha allah la bass 3leek

I love compensation and “Happy” be prepared as I will be taking a few people to court to “sue Them”:P so its good practice for you and becareful with concentration as its vital for exams and as a lawyer to be you need to read in between the line and uncover the uncoverable

Is your brain thinking so much about exams that you forgot to “Inhale & Exhale”? come on!!!!!!!!!!! :(

LOL it seems you are happy that your parents trip was cut short LOL but that is normal, THEY didn’t take you so they cant have FUN

You have a “7sab Maftoo7” of prayers from us and we always mention you in the prayers plus I am sending you a packet of barakat so you need to take 1 baraka a day with water after a meal :P

Soon it will be over

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

salamtek inshaAllah and best of luck, more Barakat coming your way.

lol @ ga3det enfarfesh :oD sorry!

mani said...

LOL@eyed them LOLOLOL

Salam Happy, 7amdilla 3le slamtek from a shower drowning :P:P where does the shebshaba face downwards or upwards in your bath? :)

Still praying for you. Looks like your exams are going well alhamdulillah :)

Salam Sis

DaMoon said...

awwwww, poor thing, akeed khdete ro7ik bel3een :'( and u did it to ur family stop t3aite 3le ro7ik ya bent, and inshallah tomorrow's exam will go fine and now u r feeling better
rede balik 3li ro7ik don't make me come over there and baby-sit ur a** u r supposed to be all grown up, and u don't make not so cool mistakes
good luck hun

MaySoon said...

Ma3lish I am sure your Prof. knows your level and inshallah he gets 2 marks bes off or maybe none :oD, ma3lish you'll get a great mark inshallah..

Happy be careful when you take showers Meral refuses to put her head up while showering so I thaught her to put it down but covers her face with her you can do the same thing :op.. bash ma tfarfesheesh.. :o) j/k salamtek

By the way I didn't check your blog lately thought u were busy with exams!!..did't read the other posts yet! but hey Inshallah Belnja7 with all the subjects.

a_akak said...

How did u do in ur exam?