Friday, June 22, 2007

Mabrook Mabrook Mabrook (gr.9)

Yesterday was the "big day" for the Libyan Radio station. Almost all Libyans were glued to their radios to hear the results of the grade nine students. This grade is considered a "shahada". It is a big thing in Libya. Even those who have no family member in grade nine would still be glued to the radio,well how else would they know if "folna/folan" passed or not...Normal Libyan gasgsa...

For us, it was a time of joy. We already knew that my sister has passed,with a "mumtaz"-92% Mashallah:) so really we were listening with so much ease. Thats the fun part about being Libyan...if you knew the "right people" your results were out for you before the actual announcment:) My cousin on the other hand,although had a 96 %point something wasnt really that happy cuz he expected to be one of the top ten on Aljamhirya, so he was disappointed to know he missed the 10th position by point something. He was extreemly sad...I keep reminding them (my cousin and my sister) that say Alhamdullah you passed, and you know your results so you dont have to endure the pain of waiting for your name. Having said that we stayed until it was Fajer prayer. That was when we finally heard their names,got up from our beds prayed, then went back to bed. Zardas are going to start rolling soon. I love zardas:)

Congrats to all those who passed, and to the rest good luck on "dor tani"...Sister n cousin, congratulations you too, your hard work and dedication didnt go to waste:)

P.S: Akak: i heard one of the akaks pass.So if hes your family member congrats:)


a_akak said...

Do these genes run in your family or something? I mean we all know you are "The Top Student" and it seems your cousins have caught the genes from you? anyway MABROOK to your cousin and to all the Libyan students who passed "Al-Tanaweea" and may we hear the same news about you when your results come out :)

Fe Aman Allah

a_akak said...

STOP STOP STOP, its "Al-3dadiay" not "Al-Tanaweea"......... they broadcast that on Radio as well? but again Mabrook but on a smaller scale :P

Fe Aman Allah

Happymoi said...

llllllooooooooooooollllll akak..i was just gonna ask u to re-read the entry...but hay u saved urself with ur 2nd comment!!! YES the broadcast it on radio hehe!!

lol u forgat to say mabrook to my sister ya akak:(:(:( i need compensation!!! NOW

rabi yesma3 menek about me passing..i will be greatful to pass i dont have to be top this year...i'll be happy with passing i promise:):)

and u didnt tell me if the akak i heard is related to you?????

a_akak said...

ooooooooooooh MABROOOOOOK HAPPY (JR) :) and as for compensation we can workout something ;P ....... a bigger % for future suing plans?


Anglo-Libyan said...

Mabrook Mabrook Mabrook :o)

PH said...

Mabrook happymoi to your sister and cousin :).

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
Mabrook to your sister and cousin! I'm anxiously awaiting the announcement of your results. Perhaps I will even hear your name across the seas being announced. ;-)

DaMoon said...

mubarik mubarik mashallah 7weta w khmisa 3likum ya 3elet elflateez, lol I would be VERY upset if I got 96% too, so i feel for ur cuz...LOL
mashallah wallahi 3ogbal jma3it eltanawiya

mani said...

Mabrook to your sister and cousin ya Happoi moi.. happy zardas! salam sis

MaySoon said...

Mabroooook to your sis and cousin mashAllah tabark Arr7man 3lekum 3ela flateez... lol :op 3ogbal you get 90% something inshallah ya HappyM :oD

Happymoi said...

lol at "Happymoi Jr", come on there is only one HM:)
Thank you wa 3ogbal le amir and aida:)
Allah ebareek feek bro.
thank you sweety,and if u hear my name call me right away lol
lol at "3elet al fateez" lol lol...ani twa entayer al3een 3alhum:P and yes my cousin was so close to being the 10th..walahi sa7'fni!!
Allah ebarek feek..and come join us in our zardas:) they are waiting for the whole family to come home before they host their zards...i have a feeling i'll be in London before i get to celebrate with them!
Allah ebarek feek wa e7'leek...and me getting 90% are u kidding me???impossible!!!...ed3li belnaja7 wa kalas:) hehe...

LovelyHibo said...

My Congrats to all those who passed ,MABROOK to your cousin:)
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