Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Exam Number 8:

Before i talk about my Inhertience Law exam i want you all to pray for me day and night for my Saturday exam (Criminal Law). This is the course which i scored so low in, on my midterm so im really praying for myself and im hoping everyone would too. Yes Akak i need your pills but i need an overdose and im sure it wont kill me,in fact, it could be what saves me:P

So surprise surprise, i answered all the mathmathics questions CORRECT ..right on YAY. Alhamdullah. The written part was ok,and i did fine in it too.... The first person i saw when i went out was Aymen (a classmate who got higher then me in this subject) and before he even got a chance to say a word i ordered him not to say a word!

Then i just started saying the answers loud enough for him to hear and he replied yes. I almost hugged him. No worrys i have good control overmyself even when im out of control LOOOOOOL. So im happy. I have this feeling though about my next exam thats making me uneasy. Maybe its due to the fact that im really scared to fail it. Private Criminal Law is the one subject i dread. Everyone is just as worried as im. SO please everyone. You have plenty of time to pray for me before/after/until i pass:P is that too much to ask?!!

I dont know what im doing blogging..i should be studying..
My plan is:
Sleep for 2 hours. It is 2pm on my cellphone. The page still has inacurrate time. I tried fixing it. But i see it has 3:01 (no am not about to fix it).
Wake up start on book one,with the stuff i didnt study on my midterm.
Try to finish the second part of book one today with the notes related to that section.
Tomorrow book 2 with the notes
Friday book 2 if not done (which is more likely) then back to Book 1 the first part.

Next Exam: Criminal Law (:(:(:( (please ed3oli,your prayers)
Time of the Exam: 11pm-1pm
Date of the exam:16/6/2007

Done blogging until then.


a_akak said...

I am HAPPY for U :) and i am confident that you will well in your next exam :D with or without my magic barakat pills but i have said this many times, we already pray for you so no need to remind us ;) ........ I use to hate it when people check their answers after the exam as what you have done is done so no point anyway Rabee ay3awnik and aywafgkik (BTW i have my hidden reasons ;P ...... remember we are going to be a team to sue the world lol ..... oops thats "Pinky & The Brain" influencing me :P) anyway take care

Fe Aman Allah

MaySoon said...

I am glad you did great on the Inhertience Law exam, and yaaaaa rabbbbb inshaAllah tjawbee mlee7 in the Criminal Law ya RABB May Allah be with you sweetie,

LOL @ Ahmed

DaMoon said...

good to hear that u did well aslan mashallah 3leek ma enkhafish 3leek...
regarding criminal law, i don't like da way u r studying for it, if i were u, I'd watch Law and Order all and u'll kick some more a** ;)

Lebeeya said...

Good luck happymoi, we know you are going to do so well so dont worry! Bil tawfeeq :)

piccolina said...

woow mashallah good girl i'm soooooo happy for u wallahi and inshallah u'll pass them all , GOD be with u in ur last exam inshallah :)

Happymoi said...