Friday, August 24, 2007

Thoughts Dubai:)

Life is but a journey, that is so true. It passes by so quickly,it is as if time flys.Well is flying consdered fast? Its been 3 days for me here, and it really feels as if i have just arrived! I guess maybe thats why this analgoy exists. Every journey has a begining, and life too has a beegining. Ok whats goiing on happymoii? i dont know,im so relaxed,,i mean im typying from the comfort of my bed,looking stright aheead at thee tv plasma which functions as both a tv and a computer screen...anyways,the point is reflection time is best done during ones vacation...youu just blend having fun with relaxtion...ahh, my bed feels so ccomffortable, room service is good,no chores to be done, ahh whaat if our life wass like that all thee ttime? nah i wwouldnt wwant it to be so, u kknow why cuz i wwouldnt feel the joy of having time off i feel blessed,well i have alwas felt blessed,but someehow, wheen you aree on a vacation you always feel eeven moree so blessed...but u kknow whats weird? is that when i c the ppl serving us i keep thinking how do theyy feel? imeean them working on a hhotel theey can only dream of sleeping in,they can barely offored to live, let all think of a vacation....i keep aasking, does he/shee have kids? does he/she resent us?do they think its unfair that they are serving us? but then i tell myself that wee eeach have aa job in this world, and no onee iis far from being the server instead of the reciver of the while being served i shhouuld only treat the service ppl wwithe respect i wwouuld want to have if i ever eended up ddoing their job.....foor the maaintime...i sshall eenjoy dubai,my vacation homee for thee passt three yeears n every yyeear i come i experience the changes....its been awesomee so far,,,lots to do but wont rush to anythng...afteerall its my ttime off:)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vacation Time (YAYAY)

I have been really busy lately...and today will be yet another busy day!!!

This past friday i was in a zarda,i.e picnic! I had a good time, and it was a change of the routine cuz instead of going with my dad's side of the family i went with my mom's side of the family. Sunday, i went to a gathering at my uncle's place, i had fun there and i met a friend whom i havent seen since i was in 8th grade. Yesterday, i had two of my university friends over,and i had a splendid time! Today, i have one of my friends coming over, and tomorrow i'm out of here! You read it right:)

YES.....UAE here i come:)

Goodbye tripoli for now, its our vacation time:) I'm so excited...I'm going to miss everyone im sure. I will try to blog from there if i got a chance. I just thought i let you all know so no one would be worried over my disapperance:P

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ksad.....& Toni Macguire

I don't know why i feel that summer is one of the busiest seasons for me. I seem to have too little time for anything, yet I'm always complaining of "ksad". Ksad is a common Libyan word, it is often used during the summer, because as busy as things get, there is always a room for --I'm bored, it is boring!When you have so much to do, the word ksad shouldn't be used but then i use it anyways. It is really ksad!!


I have finished two books this previous week, by Toni Macguire, Don't Tell Momy & When Dad Comes Home and its her getting personal about her years of being molested by her own father. I was inspired by her courage, her ability to look at the brighter side, her determination and her hard work. Many times, when i read for her i felt like kicking him, i don't even want to think of him as her father, as he doesn't deserve being one. The word father is too precious for ppl of his kind. At times, i felt i was reading fiction because my brain just didn't want to disgust the idea that such a thing took place, i wanted to hold Toni, and hug her during her younger years when everyone else was rejecting her for what she has gone through, when her own doctor looked in her eyes and gave her the nasty look(when her own father got her pregnant at the age of 14), and i wanted to be her friend when everyone rejected her. I wanted to give her shelter, to pull her out from the monster she lived with. But i didn't exist then, and even if i had what is there to assure me that i would have taken anything different then those surrounding her? I kept imagining myself being Derek or her teacher would i have helped her? I kept asking myself? or would i have been so rejecting like everyone else?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Who did Happymoi meet?

Yesterday i woke up ealier then my usual very late wake up rotiune! I had lunch with family friends and friends from my canada days (it was like a get together between our Libyan friends living in canada,and those libyans who used to live in canada at our family friend's house). I felt that i was in canada for a day. As i expected i had a wonderful time, if i could i would have slept over:) It was so much fun. I met Maysoon's & Damoon's mom at this mutual friend of ours. She came after lunch though, and it was nice getting to see her. I spent my day there, well from dhur time to 9:30pm then it was time for us to be at grandma cuz it was "mawsem rajab", having such a traditional grandma meant we had to have dinner at her house along with everyone else, and so we spent the rest of the day there,then it was time to sleep, and we each headed home.

Meeting Meral's grandmother, kept me thinking --really what a small world afterall! Shes such a sweet women, and i really enjoyed being with her and everyone else. It was really out of this world spending time with people i thought of and still do as family, people who were part of my beloved past,and are still part of my present,and hope they will be part of my future as well. They were really family to me when i lived abraod,and when i saw them yesterdya its as if i saw my sisters who i havent seen for awhile. I had a wonderful time...I love this family friend of ours (the one who invited us) so much, and at her house i feel so part of it, i could if i want anything get up and go striaght to the kitchen and get it, although yesterday i didnt need to do that but we are that close. It was nice spending the day with them....

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Random Pics from My London Trip :)Part I

Late? I know, but better late then --------!!! Enjoy:)

More later:)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I had a blast!

(My gift to Damoon was da one above)
All i can say is Mashallah..Mashallah..Mashallah..
I'm speechless!!!
Damoon was gergous,beatuiful...mashallah...I wish all goes well for you today:P and for the many days,months and years to come:)

I had a blast:) I was at the hall( salah) first one,at around 8:45pm(yes im a maw3eed girl). I waited at the enterence for the girls but no one showed up so i decided to go inside and pick a table. I did that. Then Ema showed up, i was setting on my table and she was setting on hers (the table next to me) she looked at me, i looked at her, she had a feeling it was me,but didnt go any further. Piccolina came at around 10pm (girl you and your sis made me wait forever) she was our group collector!! She decided to phone me to make sure that i was me. Our conversation went as follows (Happymoi? are you wearing blue? me yes where are you? I'm right here,) tada..we met, hugged,kissed and finally a face to my dear bloggers...Romana was the last to pop up, she got lost on the way hehe..Ma3leshi sister,im glad we met............all of the bloggers i met i fell in love with,i still have to see Hibo,and that way i would have met all female blogegrs...Inshallah many more meetings to come, hibo,n lebeeya you too for sure inshallah...:):):):) im really looking forward to seeing everyone very soon inshallah:)
I did leave at around 11:10pm, i really wished i could stay more,but it was a deal i had with my bro, hes taking me,but coming to pick me up before 11:30pm. My mom tried to get him to give me more time but she didnt mannage, I saw 2 of my friends (amazing..alhamdullah i had a blast).. As i was leaving i saw 2 of my friends from med school, but i only got to say goodbye to them cuz i saw them when i was leaving. I saw my mom's friend who is my friend's mom...

I met Romana - I love you sweetheart,
I met piccolina- I love you sweetheart,
I met Maiuna-I love you sweetheart,
I met Ema-I love you sweetheart,
I met Damoon- Ofcourse, i did go to her and congratulate her in person me and romana:) Mashallah 3aleek habooba:)
I met Meral- Shes sooooooo cute mashallah,maybe maysoon has a pic of Meral. She looked adorable!
I met Romana's friend-I love you sweetheart
and ofcourse they met me:):):)
I saw Maysoon but didnt meet her as she was really busy with her sis

Lebeeya wasnt able to make it:( she really wanted to come,but something came up,

Overall, i had an amazing time:):):) Best wishes to you two, Damoon & Dastars

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Alf Mabrook Damoon & Dastars

It is Damoon's wedding today. I'm totally excited for her:) I hope and pray that everything goes smoothly for her and her husband. They deserves all the best, and i would like to say in this happy occasion:-

"بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما وجمع بينكما بخير"
Damoon & Dastars