Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Exam Number 6:

Lebeeya: I pray for your safety and the saftey of my beloved relatives and fellow human beings. My heart goes for you all (L).

Alhamdullah big times. My exam went better then i could have imgained. To be honest, i wasnt hundred percent prepared for the exam. I was distracted by 'the problem' but i tired my best....>>>and >>Life>>>moves on!! I hope peacfully after this mess!!

I decided to take a risk and study all the past exam questions from year 1998 until this year's final exams in other Universities.I thought whats important cant change,plus it was international law, so it is not too hard to write and be right. I was lucky enough that the prof didnt go out of Those exams. In fact it was similair to the questions given to other universities with exception to one question...So alhamdullah it went well.

I have four exams left (one easy -national thought, three tough ones: Commercial law,Criminal law,Inhertience law). The toughest courses in year three are: Commercial Law, Criminal Law,Inhertience Law. So rabi yuster.

On another note: I'm really excited...I have been offered an internship with a Lawyer in L. I hope things work out well and that i end up going. I just got his msg yesterday. I can't wait until school is over and i'm all free to fly away.

Other than that: I'm doing well. Hope everyone else is...

Next Exam: Commercial Law
Exam Date: Saturday June9th,2007
Time of the exam:11am to 1pm

4 more exams to go YAY..The count down is real. Damoon : i laughed so hard at your comment...mani: yes a change in its real sense,a wake up call to reevaluate ppl i mix doing the reevalutation this summer...Int.Boy: Thanks for the well wishes. Akak: THANK YOU FOR your baraka a day...dont know what i'd do without it..Ibee: I appreciate all ur comments, you have a way of cheering me up...thanks.


a_akak said...

i am always happy to hear that you did well :) and please please please dont let anyone sway you from your goal and no matter what they say or do keep focused and show them that u r of a different class to them :D

London? wow that would be sooooooo good and especially for you and your career, i am 100% u will succeed in this and in any other venture you take

fe aman allah

Wleed Essa7ra said...
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ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,

Mabrook! How wonderfully exciting for you. You must feel the layers of stress being removed with each passing course, alhamdullilah.