Saturday, September 29, 2007

Choco & Me


I know what you are thinking! Forgive me please for posting this cake but i must. My little sister, yes my litte sister made a chocolate cake. She woke up so early and made it, and its in the frige, why did i have to check on the frige? Now i cant wait for magrib. I'm not very patient to start with. I act like a little kid: mom when is magrib? amta al magrib? Then my sister added to that by making this chocolate cake so early in the morning.

I woke up 1pm and the smell of the chocolate cake is sweeping through the house. I had to go back to sleep or something would happen to me. Chocolate cake isnt just the only reason. For some reason i dont feel too well today & im not sick or anything. I feel so dizzy. I dont feel hungry but i feel dizzy. Now im better,but i feel that my head is so heavy.

Yesterday, i went to my grandma's house, i had a blast. I just love visiting my grandma. She was so thrilled to see me & my siblings. I love you granny! I also saw my aunt there which was nice.

I miss my brother tons. Two days ago we had an online webcam talk and i could see tears in his eyes. Walahi i miss him halba/wajed! We all miss you bro. We talked about you at granny. We are just not used to parting with each other. Dont worry bro, we'll visit you inshallah soon. You just foucs on your school, and take good care of yourself. Cousin S will be joing him soon. So hopfully that will make things easier for my bro.

Hope you all are having a blast!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome dad, N Goodbye bro

Things have gotten a little busy with me lately!
Yesterday my daddy came home from Omraa-taqballa Allah Dad. He said his flight was so close to actually crashing, him and my uncle were together, and i have never seen them as happy to be alife and well. Alhamdullah 3ala salama! Just hearing how their flight was gave chills through my spine.

Then today, it was time to say good bye to my brother. Usually our faith is one, if we move we move together, but now with everyone getting older things have become so much different. My bro who is almost 3 years younger is moving to London to finish his last year of Business admisntration. We'll miss him dearly. I cant imagine how my life would be without him around. He was filling in for my dad everytime dad was away. He does everything for the house. Now all i got to say, i wish you a safe trip, and best of luck on your studies. i'm gonna miss you tons!

Other than that, i have only been out once all of this Ramadan. It was a nice thing to do for a change!

I have a plan to go visit my grandma from my mom's side so hopfully i will do that soon. I really miss her! We didnt see each other since Ramadan started. My bro was gonna take me with him on his goodbye tour yesterday but then my mom told me it would easier if he went alone. And she promised she'd tagg along with me to granny, and my aunts soon. Cant wait:)

I wish everyone a happy day;
ahhhh: when is magrib gonna come along?!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our Ramadan,my laziness and story of survival:P

I have become sooooooooo lazy! I need school to get my act together hehe! Well not really. I really dont want school to start yet. Not in Ramadan for sure. I need my hours of sleep,my time to read Quran, and sleep again.I need the stress free time! Good news: i'm getting all that cuz my school wont start until after Eid. Thats the way law school is. THANK GOD!

My family during Ramadan isnt like any other and i mean it! We dont go out at all (well almost never). We dont stay up late either. We pray Trwawee7 all together at home, and sleep right after. I dont really sleep right after but the mood at home is just quiet and sleepy. No visitors, at least none so far! People just know our routine and think we are soo not normal! I dont blame them. Today my cousin from mom's side was supposed to come, but she text me early this morning saying she cant make it. The night before she phoned(i asked her to come & insisted-i miss her) and shes like happymoi: are you sure i can come cuz u know my parents wont come back to pick me up until like 1,1:30am. I replied cousin dont worry, i'll stay up with you..she replied: are you sure you wont be counting the mintues for me to i seriously wont. Its not me that created the routine its the way my parents are!
Day number one of the month of Ramadan was such a toughy, i was barely able to walk towards the last half hour before mag'rib adan!I'm no even exaggorating. You see i didnt wake up for suhoor that day (as a matter of fact i never wake up for suhoor) i get my glass of water in my bed just for the baraka of suhoor, and i didnt bother having dinner the night before Ramadan started so i was so close to fainting and stayed in bed till it was time to break my fast. Its the same story every year on my first day of Ramadan. I just act like a little kid, and start asking when is magrib when is magrib!!
I havent cooked anything with exception to frying boreek the past two days. Other than that i just basically do nothing. I'm such a not fala7a! Thats the painful truth!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ramadan Mubarak :-)

Happy Ramadan EVERYONE