Tuesday, June 19, 2007

:) Good Morning, guests for lunch,and family reunion soon?!

Waking up this morning was not like any other!! I wasn't thinking about how many pages i out to get done by 2pm, I wasn't thinking about which room shall i study in. For the first time, since April, my mind is free to rest, free of having to look at all these words and texts. I think my brain too wanted to celebrate and it kind of envied the rest of my body (cuz it saw that my hands move,my legs jump,my mouth screams) and it remains silent...So through blogging I'm giving it a chance to put down its thoughts (yet again my brain was teary cuz my hands had to transform its thoughts into words)...lol..and now my brain hates it when my mouth has a big smile about its weird thoughts.

Screaming was an option but then i was afraid we'll have all of Tripoli over for lunch. I came back from the exam(yesterday) and the first thing i did was ring the bell of my Aunt's house. I found my cousin and i did exactly the same thing you see above except i didn't have a hat, but a purse...she hugged me and told me that i shouldn't use "shmata" cuz she too has until Sunday and then shes done. lol. was i "atshamething"? I don't know! Ok yes. lol. It feels good when one is done, and I'm sure it feels 100 times better when one passes.

So with that, my mom just told me that later i have to go pick up her friend (who is visiting from UAE) and bring her here for lunch--I'm not driving my bro is--she has five girls mashallah. Last time i saw them was 6 years ago, and she had 2 girls then. So yay at least we have "an out of the routine" thing. YAY.

Tomorrow, Uncle S and his family are coming from UAE. Then 10 days later Uncle MO and his family are coming from UAE,Uncle M and his family are coming from Canada,and my cousin and her family are coming from Canada. So ..soon this place will be full of people,full of stories and full of kids....I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.


a_akak said...

now i am getting jealous (in a good way) that i also want to go home :( and see all my family :( i am really starting to feel homesick these days especially after most of my friends finished their exams and one by one are heading back to their countries :( and i am stuck here............... i want to scream as well but then everyone in the company will confirm to what extent i am really crazy :P as they already have come to the conclusion that i am crazy but yet to know how much

Enjoy Ur Free Time as U Eared It :)

Fe Aman Allah

Lebeeya said...

It's nice to know you are freeeee. It feels so nice, doesnt it?

Its nice to know your having a family reunion, by the way, which family in the UAE that has 5 girls? Do I know them?

The first thing I think of when I wake up is, What will I eat for breakfast?? :P

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
What a wonderful change of pace for you? A little hard to get use to at first, especially since you've been going a million miles an hour and now.......nothing. However, I have no doubt you'll make the most of your wonderful free time before the race starts again. :o)

Happymoi said...

aww akak:...(hugs) ma3leshi be patient and soon u'll be home:)

lebeeya: yup if feels awesome..out of this world..i dont know if u know the family. They were in Canada with us,then move to UAE when we were still in Canada..(does the name 3awdd ring any bells?) and lol about "The first thing I think of when I wake up is, What will I eat for breakfast?? :P" looooooooooooooool.

Ibee: thanks for the comment..yup the past few days have been hectic..im glad exams are over:)my uncle is here and im still on my PJs..

Fi Aman Allah :)

MaySoon said...

Awalan, inshaAllah belnja7 so you can feel even more happier :oD

MashaAllah, eventful days coming ur way :oD happy for you, enjoy the kids and family enjoy the reunion!

DaMoon said...

awesome gurl, inshallah kulhum uslo be alf salama and ya rabb tetjam3o 3li alf khair ya rabb

enjoy every second of it :o)

PH said...

Well congratulations on Finishing your exams and inshaa allah muafka :)
and glad to see your back on track having fun ..... hope you enjoy your time with your family .


Happymoi said...

Thank you all for your comments:)and salmekum...:):)