Saturday, June 9, 2007

Exam Number Seven:)


My exam went well. I'm so happy. I'm happy beyond belief!! A tough exam is off the way for good inshallah. No more commercial law:) I'm so happy!! Really today happy is truely happy!! And nothing will ruin it for me nothing...Plus>>>i'm going to fly to London in July. I'm so excited. Its related to the internship i have mentioned earlier...I'm looking forward to that:)

Past>>Experience>>Life>>MOVING ON!!
I have placed everything behind in regards to what happened with "her". I dont even want to call her a friend. She is still insisting on annoying me with foul langauge,but alhamdullah i have been dealing with her the right way. I just walk away. I leave her talk and never say a word back...I never would, foul language isnt for me to use! I have "wakelet ameri le Allah" i have put all my trust in God and alhamdullah, what she says doesnt bother me anymore...I have decided to move,and to forget i ever had her as a -------- because this proved to me she never was!!!

I'm doing very well. This coming monday is an official holiday.. Alhamdullah as a result our exams are postponed. Which means:my next exam will be Inhertience law and it will take place wednesday June13,2007. Lots of time to prepare for Inhertience Law--Alhamdullah!

Next exam: Inhertience Law
Time of the exam: 11am-1pm
Date of the exam:13/6/1007.

This postponding means that my exams will take place until June18. But thats ok. Because national though will take place then and its an easy subject. So alhamdullah. I'll consider mysefl done June16:P Hope you are all well:)

The school has been taking serious measures to prevent the use of cellphones:) I dont know how i forgat to mention that...i'm so happy:) Its a law school for real:) KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ADMINSTRATION:P


a_akak said...

:D i am soooooooooooo happy for u :D that you did well and insha allah u will do EVEN better in the next one :) and regarding the incident, i am proud of u :) and it goes to show how "small minded" she was and how "mature" u were and i think u defiantly taught her a lesson of being "the better person"

Good luck & Congratulations for getting an internship in LONDON!!!

Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,

Mabrook on your recent accomplishment of passing your exam. I can only imagine your excitement knowing you are that much closer to your goal.

Congratulations of your soon travels to London. You must feel like you are floating. :-)

Happymoi said...

Akak: thanks:) I feel alot better about the whole mess. I did pray to God alot that things would end with no more injuries. Somehow,i feel at ease! At first i wasnt all that well because i dont like it when something happens between me and my classmates let alone a friend. So i must say it wasnt easy but alhamdullah. The comfort that there is Allah and that Allah knows everything is whats keeping me going. Someone knows the truth at least...and about the internship yes i'm honoured:P

Ibee: Thanks for the comment. I didnt pass it yet,but inshallah i will because i did well-alhamdullah. As for London: i'm really excited:) Maybe someday i'll drop by your state in the US:)You are a lawyer right?!

piccolina said...

ohhh GOD mashallah you are so lucky to be almost done .. happy for u , i didn't even start the finals :S
and about the london thing !!can i come ???lool " kidding "
good luck haboba

Happymoi said...

you are more then welcome sure akak wont fail to make us feel at home:P lol akak learn how to cook libyan food:-me and picc cant make it with the type of diet that exists in london:P

Anglo-Libyan said...

Alhamdulelah, well done :o)

good luck with the inernship in London inshaAllah.

Happymoi said...

Anglo: Thanks for the comment:)I'm looking forward to the internship and visiting London:) I have only been there once before and it was an overnight only...hopfully things go well...anything i should know before im there?!

mani said...

Excellent work happymoi! :) bettawfeeq inshallah sis

Happymoi said...

thanks for the comment...I need all of the duaas i cant toughest courses are :inhertience law and criminal law...ed3li..again thanks for the wishes:)

MaySoon said...

Happy moi for Happy moi :oD way to go girl, inshaAllah belnja7... and hey congrats for the internship opportunity.. best of luck girl,

Mashallah 3lek 3agla ya Happy not many people can walk away and leave the immature ones "e3'ano o ejna7hum ered 3lehum" :o)

Take care,

DaMoon said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!! mashallah u go gurl!!! I am really proud of u, yallah go to London and show them that Libyan gurlz kick ass

inshallah benaja7 ya rabb and allllllllll da best!! and u better be back before da wedding walla nharik elli edawer feeh! *serious look*

Happymoi said...

Maysoon: Thanks:) lol i guess in away im 3agala:P to be honest,its a uni and its a respected place and shouldnt be a "sa7et getal" a hall for fighting,

I dont know sheno el 7'laha turn like started with me not answering a case for her (the morning of the exam) cuz i was busy with other students,and i didnt have the case that she wants cuz i left it at home...and then u know how girls like to yesh3lo al fire... when they saw that she was angry at me they started this thing that im behind the search imposed at our uni for cellphone users. The thing is the search was conducted on the exam after our "misunderstanding" so everything other girls said sounded right to "her".and to add to the mess,on the following exam she was the only one singled out for search which made it even more of a confirmation that i was behind it..... The truth is i never told the adminstration. I talked about the issue among students and how it is unfair but never mentioned names....and now i regret not doing that,u know why?because if i really did at least i could be proud that i stood for whats right...but being balmed for something i didnt do isnt great..especially when it is what i should have done...oh well!!Aslan no one goes to the extreem of belittling others/swearing and screaming infront of everyone if they have the slightest friendship ..(and until this day if we come across each other she'd make sure she says some words that would make the wall itself shivers!!why wouldnt she let go i dont know!!..its not like i never had misunderstanding with ppl..and its not like i was never wrong i have..and many times being wrong..but never did i meet anyone who dealt with the issue llike that!!!7ata ele metrabi fe alshara3 would watch his/her tongue more...mesh 3arfa 7ata sheno engool im amazed!!!

Damoon: :) looooooooooool..sar if i'm not bk nahari?!! 7ey 3laya mesh nagsa naharat!!!:P
hope your prep is going well:):)

PH said...

Glad to hear your in a good mood :) and relaxed...even though I didn't understand half what you said about "her" but I agree with your approach in general ... anyway good luck with your final exam and enjoy your trip to London.


Happymoi said...

Thanks for the comment:)Oh dont worry too much,just a problem between and someone and me...It was really sad how she dealt with the whole thing...But the best thing that most guys at my uni came to my defense(even when im not around). Alhamdullah! That for me is a blessing:) Yallah Rabi yehdeni wa yehdeha wa yehdina jame3an:)

a_akak said...

Happy: I dont think its the time for you to get the "editing" bug as i am sure PH can back me up it get addicted and time consuming so i would delay it a bit if i was u and take care and be well and go get 100% in ur exams :D

A new version of Barakat is coming you way and these are even more effective

Fe Aman Allah

DaMoon said...

ma7laha el blog mta3ik walit, I am so retarded I don't think I can nfatlik fe my I need real

Happymoi said...

I know. I love the colour blue and i thought this change makes my blog more me:)

Yeah i wont do anymore changes until at least after my june16th exam because my june 18 exam is not tough.

i'll be more then happy to lead you through if you want after im done exams. It is not hard. Actually just by loging on and going to customize you could do tons of stuff...experiement with the buttons and you will be able to make ur blog whichever way you want:)

Off to my books now..3 more exams to go:)

Happymoi said...


a_akak said...

let us know how u do in ur exam :)

Happymoi said...

I'll do so now akak