Friday, September 19, 2008

Sympathy,my parents,road exam,a mini mall in Tripoli

My deepest Sympathy
-To my dear blogger Ibee, im very sorry for your loss. I must say, that your mother seems like a wonderful person. I'm glad your relationship with her is great. I ask you to be pateint through this tough time. Take good care of yourself and be there for your family. I know im late but i havent had a chance to browse around the blogs, and i just did so today. So please accept my deepest sympaties. Hugs.-
Missing my parents
Ramadan is close to being over...
Things have been going alright at my end...though i miss my parents sooooo badly. So far no chance of them coming the first two days of Eid and that is making me soooooo upset. I cant stand spending Eid without my parents. I remember last time when dad was away no one bothered to wake me up in the morning and i missed all the morning fun:(:( plus when my parents arent around i cant feel the joy of Eid. I hope that somehow a mircal happens and that they get two seats and come...i really really miss them and everytime i remember they wont be here for Eid i feel sooooo saddddd.
Passing the Drivers Road Test
I did my drivers exam and passed on the 6th of September. Now i have to take my papers to get my license, and im waiting for my friend to announce the day shes going to take her papers so we could go together. I'm glad this step is done and over with-the exam step. My plan now is to go on training again to get used to roads and the car. That i'll start doing as soon as i get my license in my hand.
Eid Shopping
I really hate shopping. I have only gone out shopping 3 times ( twice with my cousins, and once with my aunt) and i was only able to get a blouse. The thing is i have decided that i wont be going to shop again anytime soon. My mom will be sending me an outfit from abroad for the first day of Eid. The second day of Eid i got a nice blouse from my shopping trips. The rest of my shopping my sister will do for me. I really cant stand going out and shopping. I dont like the crowd, and i found nothing worth going out for. Oh i must mention that a mini-mall opened in Libya. Called Al Mahari Mall. And it even has paryer areas for ladies/men. It has H&M, United Colours, nafnaf, Sanayra, Al Khaye7', Traeesh for shoes & bags...umm what else?!!Grocries and Sweets, Al shajara food court, Chicken Cottage food court, umm i know i havent mentioned everything but it is a good step toward improving the shopping experience. So lets see what becomes of this mall.

Thats about the latest. Talk to you all laters.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ramadan Mubarak, France, Fadan, and my CPU

Ramadan Kareem Everyone>

Lots has been going on since my last post>

I got to go to France for a simi family vacation. I said simi cuz it was only my brother, me and my two youngest siblings> It was a very very nice vacation. I got to go to Disneyland, Le Leouvre Muesum, Shanza-lazi street (sp?), passed by the Effiel Tower, and i ended my Trip at Nice. A city most famous for its awesome weather. I found it lots different than Paris. Paris has such an unexpected weather, so in one day four seasons occur. Overall i had such an awesome time. I'm glad that after i lost hope of a vacation that one knocked at my door:D

More news: I had my fadan upon my return from France. For those who dont know what a fadan is, it is an all men's dinner where the engagment announcment is made. Yes its official Happymoi is engaged to an awesome guy :D:D The thing is i have been engaged " word" kind of thing since May,2007. But didnt want to post it up until the fadan and now that it has taken place i decided its about time that i make a mention of such an important-joyous- event>

I still have to do my drivers licnese. The thing is i was supposed to do it the week i left for France. And i chose France over the test as i knew i can always do it> plus i was so in need of that time off> as for my school papers the plan is to start here until i get myself organized and could go abroad - lets hope things work out inshallah>

I'm sorry for my absence, but it has been busy and on top of all that my CPU has gotten messed up so i cant use our PC at home and for some reason my sis's laptop wont connect to the net. Well that is about it for now.

Hope all is well at your end.

Thank you all for your Ramadan wishes> same back to you.

More later.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I need a good university abroad- help me

omg omg omg

i'm soooooooo angry at how slow everything is, it takes a century to figure out what papers you need, then 2-3 centuries to figure out how to get them, then a life time to get them, i have been running after my papers ever since i recieved my results....and life is been soooooooooooooo busy, yet so little has been accomplised, to the point that my vacation was canceled:(:( no vacation for me this summer or so it seems:(:(

i completed all the papers i need to register at the Lawyers undertraning office-Alhamdullah,
compeleted my papers to apply for masters degree,
i still have to do my TA papers,
my drivers license-road test soon inshallah,
i have to go to my cousin's house, she had her first baby (a boy) after about 8 years of waiting, mashallah,
i also have to go to my uncle's house,cuz his wife has a surgery,
i have to go to uni to get another official copy of my law degree,
i have to start searching for good law schools abroad to do an LL.M any ideas??please please help me>
my plan is: im going to start doing my masters here, while working -under traning at a law office, then if all my papers were ready and circumstances were right im gona stop everything here and go do my masters abroad, if not, then will continue here> so its just to be on the save side that im gonna start here> I need good uni names preferably in the US but wouldnt mind just let me know if any of you know anything>
the weather is sooooooooo hot in here, it makes me doesnt wanna leave the house, how will i ever surive Ramadan if i had to leave the house, in the mention of Ramadan-- wish you all have a happpppppppppppy Ramadan.
Sorry im writing all over the placeeeeeeeee, but just wanted to spell it out! been thinking tooooooooo much....sigh! ed3uli.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Done Law School- its time for the word: MABROOK

I want to share with all of you my joy and my family's joy.

I'm done law schoollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll:) It is such a happy time for me, and for my family.

My brother is now away (UK) for his grad ceremenoy as well. SO for the family its times TWO:D:D

I'm so thrilled and over joyed>>>>

My only wish is that my friends who didnt pass will pass during the door-tani so we could celebrate together. Right now, i can only hold family zardaz, as my party wont be complete unless my friends were happy along with me. Pray for them.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My desired destination is.............

My name is Happymoi,
and i need a vacationnnnnnnnnnnnnnn(*)

I want to go to Egypt so badly. It is my desired destination right now.
You might wonder, have i ever been there? and why i want to go so badly?
yes, i have been there twice, once i was a sixth grader and it was a tranist stop (stayed for a night or two). Another time was in 2005 (for 3 days) for my friend's wedding.
The year 2008 inshallah would be my third inshallah inshallah..
i really have to go for my very very very close friend's wedding. I was supposed to go there this summer and stay for two months(july et aug), then all of a sudden plans changed,without my consent:(:(
Now all i want is to go for a 3-4 days(see im sacrficing here). All i want to do is attend the wedding.
I know i would be so sad if i didnt go. Its my very very very (billion very) close friend. I need company, i cant go alone.
I asked my bro to take the trip with me. I tried telling him: you will get to be at the wedding bro, you are invited too...i told him that we could leave after work on wednesday so he wont lose the would only be thursday off work, friday is the libyan weekend, and saturday he could take off work or we could go back on friday..all i want is to be there on i asking for too much?!! (just two days off work max) i even offored compensation as soon as i start working if my very nice brother said yes, i'd have to talk to my parents and get their yes too, dad would say: im too busy to tag along if you convince someone to go with you-i.e ur bro i dont mind! or so i think his words would be....
if my bro said no i'd be soooo disappointed and i'd have to try convincing dad to go with me...i'd say: dad only for 3 days plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
after that it would be my going to try every possible way, cuz i really really really really want to go...
Just needed to let that out.
i'm still waiting for my results, my friend said they are expected today,, so here im waiting and thinking about Egypt, and how nice it would be if i end up going...I miss my friend. Havent seen her since 2005...

P.S tried to load a pic but it aint working..a symbol of Egypt==Pyrmids:D

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Worried/ Scared

I'm putting my life on hold for the time being.

I'm waiting for my results. I'm worried beyoned belief. I know i worry 100% of time if not 200%.

But this time, along with being worried, im scared.

I just hope things work out in the end. I dont know how long i can wait.

Ed3oli- Pray for me.

Will be back soon

Monday, May 19, 2008

Urgent : Happymoi found after BLOG COMA:P

I havent been away from my blog this long before!! I know that!!
I dont know if it was writters block or im not blogging on purpose!! I can't say i dont have time, what i can say is that i havent made time to set and blog.

I have been doing well. Life is been going well for me. Right now, is that stressful time of the six days away from my first final exam....its my last year of law school and no matter how much i say im stressed im downplaying it!!

I have two sides within me: one saying dont worry!!! the other saying : you have every reason to worry...and im ...closer to the latter!!

I have finals from May25th until June15. I really cant wait until its 3:30pm June15. That would be a day to remember!!!

I just wanted to say that im alife and well, although stressed but doing fine!! I have been reading some of your blogs ...and i miss you all tons! will be back inshallah soon!

P.S: Akak: Thank you for your endless support and ever lasting barakat pills =D

Excuse me: Off topic yet MAIN AND SUPER SIGNIFICANT!
i got a phone call from the UK ...It was my dear brother...He got 81% on his graduation project worth 30 credits...Im so proud of him! We are all so proud of him! He has finals so make duaa for him...and dont forget to include me in too!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What a day =D

Yesterday i had a wonderful day....
It all started with me noticing my phone was around 7am..i opened my eyes and found FA was calling me.
FA: Alooooooo
Me:zzzzzzz *aloooo* zzzzzzzzzz
FA: Wake up we are going
Me: Huh?
FA: Didnt you wanna go
Me: (mentally) "dont wake up dont wake up dont wake up"
I ignored my mental msg and got ready in a flash, i found my cousins(dad's side of the family) were all waiting with their beakfast baskets, i asked my sis to grab money *which we didnt use* with her and we all headed to our farm. The weather was nice in the morning, there was abit of a breeze, but we had an amazing time. Sitting by the pool, and around the green grass was soooooo refreshing, i really wished the weather was warm enough for me to jump in the around 11am we headed home all cheery and day didnt end there, i got home tried to sleep abit, couldnt so i thought i'll get myself ready for the evening, i skipped lunch cuz i was full from breakfast and prepared myself to head out, since my exams were over i decided to catch up with my two cousins from mom's side of the family......and boy we had lots to catch up on....
i asked dad to drive me and my sis to my aunt's place and i found my two cousins waiting for our arrival...we sat together talked, laughed and stuffed ourself with food(cakes,chips,chocolate cookies,Kustard &Jelloo,Juice,Chocolates of asorted varities and cappacinoo and the list goes on)...i was telling my cousin when her dad brought us Mo'men that she shouldnt have fed us all the above stuff..cuz i was too full for my crispy chicken sandwich and decided to share one with my cousin since we were all so was a gr8 day alhamdullah...we ended the day by dad/mom picking us up...and stopping at a grocey store in the way...i reached home so exahusted but still managed to go online and chat with my friends...then i had my much needed peaceful sleep...i was hoping i'd go on a breakfast picnic today too, but as they say not every day is a picnic =D
*Hope you all are having a great time*

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I can sleep for a week *sigh*

Today, i wrote my last midterm. What a relief it is to be done. I can sleep for a week! I havent had a peaceful sleep since exams started, so now is my time to do so, at least until i get my grades,then the "being worried" cycle will return and my prep for finals will be underway! I really hate thinking about grades. I'm so afriad of not being top student, and that fear has accompanied me since i started law school and this year its even more so...It is just that i have been top student for 3 years now *mashallah*, and i would hate to lose it at the end so that why im stressing out. I feel no one understands me...most students talk about passing, and for me passing isnt enough, i wish it was satisfactory for me but no it isnt...if my grade isnt up to the standered i would be in a bad mood, sad and all...and all the time i ask myself why cant i be like everyone else and just chill....if you see me walking you would think i dont give a damn about school cuz of my super outgoing persona and no nerdy look... but if you are around me around exam times oh boy you would think i have nothing else in my life but exams....i feel so bitter and beaten when i dont do well,, the thing is my parents arent demanding, but im very demanding of myself... why do you think this is so?!!!! i fail to understand!!
I was hoping i would travel, but things didnt work as planned! My parents are traveling on Sunday and leaving me behind:(:(:( ......yallah inshallah yemsho wa ejoo besalama (L) ...ed3oli, it is my last year and i really dont want to mess up! i miss you all so much! akak-your barakat pills are much needed:P

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Time is RUNning OUT

Alf Mabrook to my bro for being 10 credits away from a normal BA,
and good luck on his last semester which he is doing to get a BA with Honours...Make duaa for him!

I have been breathing the air of books for such a long time that i think i have become a book myself!

If i say im in need for a break from my break i would not be exagorating. I'm on a break but it doesnt feel like one. I wake up (somewhat late) and think omg omg omg i have lots to do. I usually skip breakfast. I know it is the most important meal of the day but when i first wake up i cant get myself to eat (i seriously need to work on this habbit of mine)......then lunch comes and im not in the mood for food at least not heavy food...Usually as exams get closer food becomes my enemy...i usually drink lots of chocolate milk or eat chocolate...Today, i bought ten kitkats (i only ate two so far) to substitute the lack of chocolate milk in our house!!! I cant survive long without chocolate milk it is like my best friend around exam times...

I do think lots about the blogger's community and do check posts every now and then but havent commented because *refer to my title*

I have five more days to go before my first midterm is, and im not done studying yet...i really need to be done on friday so i could have two days to revise the material. I shall see how things go. Just make duaa for me.

I will blog after each exam like i usually do (need to let the stress out) hehe...I thought i owe this quick (or long) post to everyone to say that im alive:):) and to say congrats to my dear brother and thank him for sending me the candy i adore all the way from the UK :):) YUP i love candy!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lazy happy is back

Wow. It is 2008. I havent written in my blog since year 2007! Really wow.
I have been:
2. Busy with school
3.Busy with this new
It is a libyan website started with my law professor: Dr. Faiza El Basha. The fourm is in Arabic. You may have an English entry if you wish but please respect the site and its rules.
As you all know this is my last year of law school. I'm worried about it and here is why: i feel that the material is alot lighter then last year, and somehow im finding it abit easier. I get scared when i feel that the material is easy. Well, the exams wont be easy: thats for sure. We have been getting this warning since the start of the school year. "folks, study hard, the exams wont have any direct questions" ....why do they have to scare us?!! I'm hoping i would dp well this year inshallah. I really want to get a high average. Our midterms will take place March 3rd and our holiday will does sound like alot of time, but when it comes to law school its never too late to prepare..and time is always short! So ed3oli.
I was hoping my exams would be in Feburary because i really wanted to travel abroad to my friend's wedding. I havent even asked my parents if i could go to my friend's wedding and i was planning to soon but with the exams being in March i have lost any chance of actually being there......
What else is happening?
I have the flu. Lately i have been getting it lots. Whenever a person gets it i'm right after. I'm such a sad case. I guess my immune system is really weak! I had to stay away from school for a day. Then i got better and started going. I have been dealing with strong headaches beacuse of the flu. I have never taken that many headache pills like i did when the flu first started. Alhamdullah i'm doing much better now.
I miss my brother so badly. I have tried to contact him but with no luck. He has exams now all the way in Pourtsmouth,UK. I really really miss him. I cant wait until his exams are over. I'm serious. Make duaa that he does well everyone. I have been thinking lots about him lately. I have always been but before i used to get hold of him easily now its so hard with exams!
What else?
My parents will be traveling today or i dont know when depending on when dad finsihed his must dos here. i'm gonna miss them for sure.
I also miss all of you my dear bloggers but forgive my absence.
As for Jaraba, i havent seen it, and dont plan to anytime soon. So really i have no comment or maybe i prefer to keep it to myself.
As for Gaza: my heart is really torn for the innoccent. The sick kid's images are nothing but a true sad reality of where humanity has gone. I will end with what a 14 year old girl(who is sufferng form liver faulier and her medciene is finished) form Gaza said " i hear ten people has died and all i say to my siblings i will be number eleven" since i have seen her on TV, her image hasnt left me at all.