Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Exam Number Three:)

--Cell Phones Abusers--
Yes,it is confirmed they are using cell phones.
Me: What?No way!!
Someone: Keep a close eye at () and () and () etc ...(large number of cheaters)
Enters exam # 2 (the may28th one)
Me (out of the exam): (Someone) OMG ...bla bla bla
I'm so not gonna help any of them answer any of the questions (prior to the exam that is).
End of the convo.
Ok so yes. Girls and lots of them are cheating. Why did i say girls? because guys cant hide the headphone/cellphone...and girls will they are "modest" they have a headscarf on and so hiding a device and its headphone is an easy the mointors never check on girls/especially of the monitor is a guy,they say they will check but then because the number is sooooooooooooooo huge they rarely ever do...So alot of the girls got that part(smart arent they??! STupied i call them) and well--they abused their scarf..destroyed its symbol and misused it...I detest what they are doing,and not just because they pretend to be a scarf wearers but rather because many work really hard to get where they are and well others do nothing but sleep and ooo wait a mintue they also call me when there is a question they dont know and the reason is so they could mark the place of the answer and if happens to pop in the exam "their helper would spell it out for them"....i'm soooooooooooo upset...its so unfair but i have this believe that "Allah" will be i got to the point of praying that they be exposed on their last exam so that all their exams will be canceled after they have endured the process of writing them all up and thinking that they are off the hook..(dont i sound like a devil??) well yes because thats how it feels when one is faced with injustices...I really do hope and pray that they are exposed until this day..Just so they would learn the listen the harshest way!!
So all i want to say is "7asbeya allah wa ne3ma al wakeel" on everyone who has cheated using their cellphones....

So how did today's exam go: Alhamdullah. It went really well! The exam was the type i like. There were two cases (one concerning a sale contract,and the other concerning "altameen" contract- i cant remember what it is called in English) and there was a theory part. I loved the practical part,i had fun sloving the cases. That was what i call an exam...cuz it requires thinking and logic.. I loved it even more because the "cheaters" cant cheat easily with cases!!! YES YES YES!!! Alhamdullah yet again. Another subject is off the way.

Next exam: Court/Trial and procedures Law (halba material-rabi yuster-some of the material pictured above!!!)
Time of the Exam:11am-1pm
Date of the exam: June2nd,2007.

Again: Keep me in your prayers (i have to say it all the time)...and add to it the cellphone cheaters get got!! Its a law school for God's sake!!
Thank you goes to Brave Heart,Akak,Mani,PH,Lost Libyan,Damoon, and hay Lost Libyan that wasnt an insult..lollllllllllllllll..and ofcourse thank you to anyone else who rememberd to pass by and check on me:)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Exam Number 2:

Before i start talking about today's exam:-Thank you all for your support(especially to Mani,Anglo,Akak,Damoon,Maysoon,cofman,Lebeeya,and anyone else who sent me a msg:)). As for you Lebeeya: It has only been a month and shwaya that i have been preparing for my finals. The months before it were for my midterm exams (Mid Feburary-Mid March). That is law. It requires so much energy and eyes yes EYES!! Damoon: Who is my partner in crime? Who else is a nerd? Do you mean Lost Libyan? But who is the other one? LOL. Akak: Send your invoice while i'm happy..

So how did my exam go: it was ok. The questions were striaght forward yet again,but i hate the recall game. Everyone else loves it. But i hate it. I feel like i havent given it all i have. I dont know why i have this feeling. I missed one point in question 1. And the others i wrote a short answer,because i felt there was no need to over talk when few sentences do the job "khair al kalam ma gal wa dal" lets hope my prof does keep this in mind lol. I was tired and needed orange juice,i so wanted to ask one of the montiors but i was worried they'd do it "belsaeef" cuz the weather is nasty and i dont want any curses..i mean me taking an exam is what i call: "ele feeni kafeeni" i dont want another thing to wonder about.... But overall i would say i did alright-Alhamdullah. Another subject is done and over with..the sense of relief is amazing!!!

Next subject: Contract Law
Time of the exam: 11am-1pm
Date of the exam:May30th,2007

Again,keep me in your duaas. Soon exams will be over and i will be back --thats just an assurance for me:P

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Exam Number One :)


Date: May 26th, 2007.

Final Exam Number 1:

I'm happy to announce that my first exam is officially over. It has been for over 2 hours and I did really well –Alhamdullah- but I have to admit I was really bored taking the exam because it required little thinking if any. True it was easy but it wasn’t fun. There wasn’t a single question that kept me thinking. Every thing had a straight answer and it required more than anything a good memory recall…sometimes this is not a bad thing, but not if you have like in my case being studying this subject for a whole week and the material consisted of two books, two (4-6 pgs) sheets,and about 12 lecture notes (I didn’t even count the pages). When you study all this and answer past exams you expect the questions to be up to the level. Again, even though it wasn’t a thought provoking exam I'm happy it went well.

Now I'm not going to nag about it. Bel3akes, I'm pleased I did well. Credit first of goes to almighty Allah ,then to everyone else who remembered me and prayed I'd do well.

I just wanted to share with you my first final exam experience this year. Continue praying for me, and if you haven’t before then please do so now.

Next Exam: Administration Law (monitoring the administration system)
Date of Exam: May 28, 2007
Time of the Exam: 11am to 1pm.

Until next post,
(this was written 3:15pm on May26th)
Fe Aman Allah (akak: keep your barakat,they are working:P)