Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Exam Number Three:)

--Cell Phones Abusers--
Yes,it is confirmed they are using cell phones.
Me: What?No way!!
Someone: Keep a close eye at () and () and () etc ...(large number of cheaters)
Enters exam # 2 (the may28th one)
Me (out of the exam): (Someone) OMG ...bla bla bla
I'm so not gonna help any of them answer any of the questions (prior to the exam that is).
End of the convo.
Ok so yes. Girls and lots of them are cheating. Why did i say girls? because guys cant hide the headphone/cellphone...and girls will they are "modest" they have a headscarf on and so hiding a device and its headphone is an easy the mointors never check on girls/especially of the monitor is a guy,they say they will check but then because the number is sooooooooooooooo huge they rarely ever do...So alot of the girls got that part(smart arent they??! STupied i call them) and well--they abused their scarf..destroyed its symbol and misused it...I detest what they are doing,and not just because they pretend to be a scarf wearers but rather because many work really hard to get where they are and well others do nothing but sleep and ooo wait a mintue they also call me when there is a question they dont know and the reason is so they could mark the place of the answer and if happens to pop in the exam "their helper would spell it out for them"....i'm soooooooooooo upset...its so unfair but i have this believe that "Allah" will be i got to the point of praying that they be exposed on their last exam so that all their exams will be canceled after they have endured the process of writing them all up and thinking that they are off the hook..(dont i sound like a devil??) well yes because thats how it feels when one is faced with injustices...I really do hope and pray that they are exposed until this day..Just so they would learn the listen the harshest way!!
So all i want to say is "7asbeya allah wa ne3ma al wakeel" on everyone who has cheated using their cellphones....

So how did today's exam go: Alhamdullah. It went really well! The exam was the type i like. There were two cases (one concerning a sale contract,and the other concerning "altameen" contract- i cant remember what it is called in English) and there was a theory part. I loved the practical part,i had fun sloving the cases. That was what i call an exam...cuz it requires thinking and logic.. I loved it even more because the "cheaters" cant cheat easily with cases!!! YES YES YES!!! Alhamdullah yet again. Another subject is off the way.

Next exam: Court/Trial and procedures Law (halba material-rabi yuster-some of the material pictured above!!!)
Time of the Exam:11am-1pm
Date of the exam: June2nd,2007.

Again: Keep me in your prayers (i have to say it all the time)...and add to it the cellphone cheaters get got!! Its a law school for God's sake!!
Thank you goes to Brave Heart,Akak,Mani,PH,Lost Libyan,Damoon, and hay Lost Libyan that wasnt an insult..lollllllllllllllll..and ofcourse thank you to anyone else who rememberd to pass by and check on me:)


ibeebarbie said...

Salam HappyMoi,

Congratulations on your efforts thus far, and may Allah reward you for your continued efforts, inshallah.

Shame on the violators. I'm a little curious though, how is it these girls are able to use their cell phones and no one hears them? Are they not speaking? I'm actually a little baffled about that, and the fact that these girls have had all year to prepare for this time period and are attempting to take the easy road out. Tsk, tsk!

Believe me, what goes around comes around, and altough you may not see the immediate affect of these girls wrong-doing it will happen.

Happymoi said...

welcome to my blog and thank you for your comment..oh yes they speak..but u know how? they pretend they didnt know what the question they'd ask the monitor to read..the monitor reads it and then they(the cheaters) re read it and say oh so the question wants from us this or that...
some use their cellphone by just listening to things they didnt rules and stuff and the other person would be saying them whether they were on the exam or not..
and the professional cheaters do the following:
others wait until someone gets out of the exam and gives the question to someone else waiting outside and that someone else would be solving the questions and giving them to the other line...i never give my questions to a girl asked me to give her the questions and i told her that she cant have it..that if she wanted it i'd give it to her the next day but today i need it...i would hate to be a helper to cheaters...they must learn to work..why did the enter law school if they are breaking the simplest rule? are they ever can stand in the faces of injustices if they cant follow a rule as simple as DONT CHEAT?

a_akak said...

Happy & I am Happy for Happy (so which is u?)

I also hate cheaters!!!!! And what is even worse is that society in Libya are accepting it and even parents are helping their kids to cheat (I disrespect those parents)……………. And why use the Hijab? God god god…………anyway I happy that you did well, and I am happier that you are not stressing out or I think u r not?

Always praying for you :)

Fe Aman Allah

DaMoon said...

Glad u did well haboba, well, unfortunately we have those cheaters everywhere, and they graduate and become something just cuz of their wasta!!! laken when u look at it they know S*** ah well, i hope they get got too :o) and inshallah benaja7 inte ya rabb
good luck in ur next exam

Happymoi said...

akak:i wonder which happy was directed at me...thanks for ur support!! YOU DESERVE AN AWARD FOR BEING SOOO SUPPORTIVE--well most of the time when you dont mention THE FORRBIDDEN WORD!!

DAMOON: get got? lol i wrote that too..i have this issue with even the word can was intended to be gonna..crazy moi..

mani said...

salam crazymoi :P your really angry eh?? lolol.. It's a real shame the cheating situation in Libya... just dont let them demotivate u or get you angry cause it looks this stuff is gonan continue for some time yet in Libya.. you will be rewarded fairly for your hard work, make no mistake...

Rabbe ywaffeqek inshallah sis :)

PH said...

With regards to "altameen" its insurance :p, as for the cheaters don't bother yourself with them when push comes to pull everyones real credentials will be exposed :).

Always do your best
Never mind the rest ;)

salaam and Muafaka

a_akak said...

Happy, Happy, Happy

My heart bleeds for you :( just looking at those sheets gave me a headache so i am finally starting to understand your position :( but i am sure it is not as boring as it looks as it looks like you enjoy law and i see a great lawyer in the making

The finish line is not far :) ..... and keep thing of R Kelly's song "The Storm Is Over" usually helps :P

Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam HappyMoi,

Good luck on the Court/Trial and procedure law tomorrow.

Can't wait to hear how you did.