Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Beach trip,and i didnt even touch the water!!!!!

Yesterday i went to the beach with my mom,dad,grandma,little siblings,and little cousins. Yes finally i did go. I went to Garabulli beach. It was nice and empty at first...the problem was it was too sunny....So i couldn't really enjoy it much... i went to the beach with a bunch of my little cousins (BIG MISTAKE) lesson number one: if their parents are going never volunteer to take them.. ... noise noise noise noise...it was so sunny i couldn't bare setting outside(MISTAKE NUMBER TWO) don't go to the beach around 1pm and expect to enjoy the beach. I stayed in the room almost all of the day (the place had 2 rooms,kitchen,small hall,and balcony in the back). Our trip started with the legendary "embakbka"-famous libyan zarda dish:):) and "sharmola"-tomato,pepper,onion,salt and bread...No pictures included cuz my little cousins didn't bother waiting when my mom and i were putting the food, they just started eating (well what do you expect when the age range is 4-10)?????? I took one pic of the beach(with my cousin's camera) and my cousin promised to send it and until now no show!!!

At around 6pm i decided to grab a chair,set outside,and read my book....I stayed for less then 15 minutes and since our room had a street in front of it, guys started staring...i hate it when they do that...so the first one i ignored cuz i thought ok it might be cuz I'm holding a book and reading...then the second one he actually slowed down his car:(:( and "rogbtah greeb etkasret leen 7'ofet 3aleeh"...I felt sorry for him and decided to go indoors until it was around 7:00pm when we decided to leave...and to end our trip we made a stop at one of the stores on the road and had ice cream:):) I got home and promised myself never ever to go to the beach if i wasn't gonna swim in duhr time....
I remembered my trip to UAE this past summer, where we went to a place called ladies club (it has every activity that may hit u)and it was a place i will never forget..cuz it had a wonderful beach,two swimming pools,an awesome restaurant and it was all ladies everyday... it was a fancy place.....i wish we had a place like that in Libya....This place for ladies is a must visit.....If i go to UAE again this summer i'll for sure pay the place a visit:)...

My thoughts are all over...I just woke up and didn't have breakfast yet..TTUAL..


Anglo-Libyan said...

I dont like sitting in the sun too, still it seems you had a reasonably nice day and the food made me hungry, its lunch time here!

am I the first?? where is Ahmed and damoon? :oD

a_akak said...

Anglo, As for me i dont think i will be completeing for the next week as i have a couple of reports to release for the project i am working on so i am buried with paper work and calculations, so i give the torch to DaMoon and yourself

Happy & Happy Are Happy When Happy Is Happy, as Happiness is only Happiness when Happy is Happy

why do libyan guys not mind their own business? and leave the girls alone? why do people here walk down the street half naked (or as 3adel Emam refers as "Labeen me geer Odoom") and no one even looks at them and I agree about the kids, once i took an army of my couins to the beech and regreted it BIG TIME, as they would try to go the deep end and all sorts ........ A piece of advice, if you want to go to the beech go as far away from tripoli as you can and especially during the week you will be ALONE and no one will bother u or ur family...... oh yes the other thing is that libyan are not use to a person sitting in the sun and reading a book!!!!!! come on we have not developed in that way

Fe Aman Allah

PH said...

"i wasn't gonna swim in duhr time"

I don't like swimming during the noon either I usually sleep over when going to the beach and wake up at Fajr time and start swimming then until 9-10 am when the sun picks up ..... then I go and get a nap :D. On the good side though you got to read a book, but I think you should change the position of your beach house facing the road can be a real spoiler :(.


DaMoon said...

awwww, I felt sorry for u reading haboba :( there is no point of going to da beach and not enjoying it!!!! wat a pitty
dat's da reason why I don't go to da beach in tripoli
and yes we should for sure get a ladies only resorte with all da fancy shmancy stuff!

MaySoon said...


That club is exactly what I have in mind ya Happy without even knowing that such thing existed in UAE!!! I was thinking a big GYM with swimming pools for ladies that is ladies only EVERY DAY but having it on the beach makes it more like it!!! ughhh I need someone to emawlni.. "invest in me" gosh we have this land further than Garabuli and it's on the seaside!!!!! it would be PERFECTO

Anyway a big NO NO NO for taking kids and be responsible for them to the beach. I have been doing this sitting back and reading while Meral is swimming in the sand "but under a hay umbrella"! I couldn't join the swimming :o( but no staring eyes alhamdolilah.. maybe cuz there were lots of ladies with bikinis and swimming suits what would make them stare to a mohajaba with a baby ..LOL Alhamdolilah!

LovelyHibo said...

خيرك نسيتي تجيبي معاك طقيه الاختفاء لووول
نتفكر في زماننننن شورني وقتها نقرا في الجامعة او ممكن متخرجة لان ليا 9 سنين متخرجة طبعا
مشيت اني واختي وبنت عمتي لتاجوراء
الصبح الدنيا فاضية اختي وبنت عمتي خشوا يعوموا واني حشاكم مانحبش العومان مش لاني مانعرفش
ياحسرة علي زمان ايام البدخ كنت مانطلعش من الميه لين نولي ...بلون ثاني وسلامتكم تقول مش من نفس العيلة

تعرفي ياعسوله الي غير طبيعي
إنك ماتشوفيش ولاد قدام وجهك في البحر لووووووووووووووول
وهذا سبب ثاني مكرهني في البحر

هو ياحميده بنضيف تساؤلي لتساؤلك فعلاً ليش الرجاله مش مخلين البنات في حالهم
وبنقول تساؤل ثأني ليش ديما متوقعين ان البنات وقت يطلعوا مع بعض ويضحكوا ويستمتعوا بوقتهم بدون اي شبهة ليش يتوقعوا انهم بنات مش كويسات وبنات يبوا يلفتوا انظار الرجالة

وحاجة ثانية :تصدق بالله خلي نقول ربع الليبين الي عايشين هني في بريطانيا مستحيل تلقاه يشوف لبنت ولا مدرهلها كبده وترا شوفه وقت يروح للبلاد.إنسان ثاني...!!؟

ماهو قالك في كل مكان كون من اهل البلد....

شاده كتاب ومقعمزة تحت الشمس ولابسه نظارة شمسية سلامتك خشيت في المحضور متع الولاد يقولوا هذي تنادي من بعيد تعالولي يا راجالههههه

فكرتيني زمان اشتغلت في برانامج صيفي لمدرسة خاصة
طبعا مهمتي نخشش الصغار للبحر ونعلمهم كيف يعوموا ويلعبوا ووو.....الخ

المهم من وراهم نحصل في عومات وصالطوات جو مش عادي..وطبعا لابسة حجابي ولبس محترم وحتي في البحر البلوزه منفوخه لين تقولي مسمنها البنت هديكا ههههههه

الله غالب كانوا معانا اساتذه بس محترمين


امشي لمصراته - للخمس - لدرنة عليك بحر وشاطيء عندهم

تقولي مش في ليبيا

a_akak said...

HIBO: I agree with you, people change depending where they are but if their hearts are pure then no matter where they are it should not make much difference,

hibo, please please please never stop writing in arabic as it is you and i sense your personality through ur writing and the way your write puts a smile on my face

Happy: sorry for taking over

Fe Aman Allah

mani said...

you eat breatkfast?? :O

ladies beach sounds like an excellent business idea..

hmmm... I need to see the bloggers here in Libya.. even an informal forum.. there are so many things I wanna post on he blog but not sure about the sensitivity.. and formalities.. cause they have to do with my new job..

is your daddy a businessman Happy?
Akak.. I need to speak to you too..

mani said...

Maysoon.. you too of course :)

Happymoi said...

Anglo--lol yes you are first..am i competing with you now??lol

akak: being 2nd isnt bad either:) lol i love ur happy happy happy stuff, and yes why why why..

Ph: totally..swimming at noon means ending up in the hospital for sun burn treatment and being hit hard with it...

damoon: thanks for feeling sorry for me..lol..well i felt sorry for me too:P

Maysoon: it is an amazing idea, we should really keep it in mind!!someday we'll turn it into action...i hope that happens before im too old to enjoy it looooool..

Hiba: i love you girl...i love the way you write....you cheer me up all the time:)

akak: (again) ok thanks for the reply to hiba..i know im lazy!!

Mani: i eat breakfast when it is lunch time..and i eat lunch when it is dinner time...talk about time mannagment:P and yes dad is a business man..

Mani:i wanna know whats in ur mind? go ahead say it..its totally ok:)

Again, thank you all for your comments:)

mani said...

Thanks happy I have confidence in your open mind I just dont have confidence in the minds of others.

No big deal.. there will be an informal discussion between my boss, Dr. Mahmood Jebreel, the minister of Planning in Libya and also the director of the newly established Libyan Economic Development Board (where I now work, was hoping to save that for a post entry but here it is) and a gathering of the Libyan Businessmen Community on the 2nd of July 2007 in That el Emad conference room at 5.30 pm.

The purpose is to assess the readiness and potential of Libyan Businessmen to cooperate with the LEDB in establishing new public-private partnerships, in a varitey of sectors.

interested? :)

mani said...

I personally am interested in your father's attendance, Maysoon and Damoon's father, Ahmed's father and I believe also Piccolina and Mauina's father...

please email me to make it formal if you so wish.

I will also be there of course.. well.. inshallah :)

Happymoi said...

Ok. Thanks for the information.
Sounds interesting!!

I dont know if my dad will be able to make it. As he is going to be on a business trip early july. I will let him know about it though inshallah.

Happymoi said...

mani send me ur e-mail address!

LovelyHibo said...

خجلتوني عالأخر توا

تي ليه عليكم الدنيا حر ولا اني تحمرت من الخجل لين بكل

تعرفوا شن صارلي زي الي مكان حد يشكر فيها و فاقده الامل ولقت منو يشكرها

هي فكوني من دوتكم لوووووووووووول

mani said...

happy my email address is on my profile lol.. but anyway here it is:


salam sis :)