Monday, June 4, 2007

Exam Number Five:

Today hasnt been a good day for me....It has nothing to do my exam. My exam went well alhamdullah....but i have had to deal with a problem...the big disappointment was that it was from someone i thought of as a friend....threats,foul langauge,and everything a friend is not!!!

All i want right now is everyone's prayers....and that somehow "rabi efkni sawo al nas". Seriously im disappointed...I have said it many times,that in Libya becoming a friend with girls brings you lots of trouble. I dont know how many people here believe in such a theory....i know there are exceptions to every im praying no more disappointments...

On another note: i'm done half of my exams...I'm happy about that.....five more to go....please ed3oli...

Next exam: International law
Time of the exam:11pm-1pm
Date of the exam:6/6/2007

Dont forget me with your prayers. I'm really sad:(


a_akak said...

:) everyday you learn something new and i feel bad for you that you had to learn it the harder way but all these experiences only make you a stronger person and a wiser person (i know u already wise)....... Never give up :) and always be yourself and then becoming friends becomes something natural...... be Happy as the happymoi we got to know :D

Fe Aman Allah

DaMoon said...

awww, poor gurl, u know what to me u seem very kind and being here and especially going to the uni with bunch of libyan chicks is a huge challenge, fa rede balik 3li ro7ik and stop being be a nasty gurl, let them say u r a snob, stuck up, anything, gher m3ash tkalmi 7ad, and if u need tghairi jawo let me know
most of the libyan gurlz i met r hypocriate too, so chillax and rabe yafta7 3leek o inshallah benaja7 o eb3id 3leek da bad peeps...
also, I am very impressed with ur attitude, 5 more examz to go and u r kana ane rahu jaani

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,

What an incredible time period of your life right now? Everything hitting at once. When the storm cloud clears there always seems to appear a rainbow. May your rainbow shine ever so brightly, inshallah.

mani said...

Salam happy sis.. sorry to hear about your dissapointment.. do I feel change in the air sis?? :):)

3 weeks ago I had my meeting with the educational psychologist in which I was offcially branded as an ADHD spacker lol. one of the questions she asked me were word associations and she was exasperated after a few questions and asked me to try and give 'more conventional answers' .. can u believe that?? I was like 'why dont u go and do the exam yourself then u silly cow if u already know what u want from me??.. sheesh..' (soz bout that :P)

anyway.. one of the word associations she got flustered at was :

Friends... enemies

I said: Illusions..

she looked flustered and put her notes down and looked at me from above her glassess...

'Illusions??.. mani.. most people would say something like 'relationships' or 'emotions'...explain yourself..

and I did :) .. which pissed her off even she said that the results would not be reliable cause my answers dont fit most predetermined categories.. big deal..

Do you think they are illusions? :)
would it help if you did?

beltawfeeq in ur exams.. no worries for u there inshallah.. ur a dedicated person :) salam sis

a_akak said...



Boy, Interrupted said...

Hey Happy Moi, good luck in your exam today! wishing you the best.