Saturday, June 16, 2007

Exam Number Nine ?!

I really dont know how i did.
I answered all questions but im not sure if i was able to put down all that is required(i may have). All i want in this subject is a pass. That is a 50%. I'm serious for the first time in my life about not wanting more then 50% in criminal law. I think i should be able to get it,but i dont know. There is this side of me that is saying dont say you did ok and dont say you didnt do ok. Just leave it like that. So the answer is i really dont know. It is really weird that i must feel that way...I'm hoping that everyone will sincerely pray for me to pass it. All my other courses went fine-Alhamdullah. So inshallah khair with this one...

My 10th and last final is going to take place Monday.
Next exam: National Thought (known as Fiker Jamaheri)
Time of the exam: 11am-1pm
Date of the exam: June18th,2007.

I can't wait until 1pm on June the 18th. Well i better go take a shower, and have lunch...and take the rest of the day off.... I will study tomorrow for national thought for it only requires few hours. It is not alot of material!


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,

Oh my goodness - congratulations! You are so extremely close and yet it must feel at this point like it's taking forever. ;-)

I hopefully you know soon the results of the criminal law exam and it's great results, inshallah.

Can't wait to hear the news after you cross the finish line. :-) Definite celebrations in order.

PH said...

"known as Fiker Jamaheri"

so at last your finished, as for the Fiker jamaheri exam....come on .... nobody even studies that, its so easy you should already know all the material and dates and facts from previous courses :p.

salaam and mawafaka

MaySoon said...

Hanet :o).. and inshallah you'll pass it with a good mark... fikr one ever studies that..;o) girl go celebrate, you officially finished your exams :o) belnja7 inshaAllah..

DaMoon said...

Inshallah benaja7 ya rabb sweetie....but reading ur post reminded me of how i feel after every exam I wrote in my that probably should give u an idea of how sharp and smart I well, tebe tri7a inte cuz u r studying for wa3i NERD..:p
yallah finish it off o ya rabb tsafehum kulhum betafawok
and start packing ;o)

Happymoi said...

True. No one studies Fiker. But i have to look through firgues (dates,names,numbers%). There are some stuff that im not fimilair with and i need to look through. It will only take ya3ni an hour or two. So yes im unofficially done.:)

a_akak said...

sorry for the late reply as i have been away all weekend

I am sorry to hear that you are not as confident as usual :( but never loose faith with your ability and integrity :) as doubt is common with exams and its no use in feeling sorry "if" or "if not" are of the past and all you can do is "Tawakely 3ala allah" and forget it and insha allah it will come out better than 50%

I have given up...... it looks like i am not getting paid for my barakat? but i have come to get use to praying for you so i wont be stopping anytime soon :)

Dont look back and always look forward and insha allah, you will get what a very good mark

Fe Aman Allah

Happymoi said...

lol lol lol
akak why do u think im coming to london? its not for my internship but rather for paying you ...loooooooooooooooooooooool.. opps i ruined the surprise...that was a cover up. --exposed :(..loooooooooooooool
but u know u still didnt send me the invoice..hehe..

In about two hours i will be writing my last exam..horrayyyyyyy:) Inshallah it turns out usually im hoping no dates,no percentages..:)