Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My past...My present..

Yesterday was a busy day! We had the guests over,and things went as planned. Their kids reminded me of my past years, of our time together,of everything that meant so much to me,of a life that was mine..the girls were so much younger.....oh my... mashallah they have grown up...really this life is going by so fast...i remembered everything camping trips,my workshops,my volunteer work,my parties,my picnics,my awesome past!! How wonderful. I miss those days. Libya is different. But maybe it is time that i experience this world..the world where i should belong..


My uncle and his family are here... Life is good-Alhamdullah! Happymoi is happy!! Lots to say,but im really busy and i gotta be at grandma for tea (i missed it i think now). Just thought i drop in and say im alife and well...OMG I just remembered i actually missed my show today,this never happens not even in my exam days. OMG could i forget...The only day i didnt watch my show was the night of my criminal law exam..but for me to miss my show in my day off thats just sooooo shocking!!! Whats up with me?!!!!Am i getting off my routine? IS that good?!!


a_akak said...

Happy and Happy are Happy as Happy can be

Life? huh? life goes past us without noticing and we miss so much because we concentrate on the little things that we forget the bigger picture, we self indulge within us that we forget those around us......

I am happy that you are spending more time with the family (or The Mob as i call them ...... sometimes) and after your first paragraph i think you should try to cherish each moment

What "show" do you religiously watch? or is it a musalsal? anyway enjoy ur free time :)

Fe Aman Allah

DaMoon said...

LOL I saw 1 comment and I said it MUST be and I was
that was a lovely post to read sweetie, and good luck with everything, u have such a wonderful spirit :o)
ama show elli tetfarji 3leeh? balki 7ata ane nabda ntaba3 feeh :p

Happymoi said...

akak n damoon: thanks for ur comments:P..and damoon yes akak is trying to keep the tropy all to himself..lets just compete over second spot:P

whatever comes in MBC4 at 7pm-8pm i have a habit of wathcing..and now they are running desperate house wives--first season..i didnt like the first epo. but i found myself wathcing reminds me of libyan "gasgsa"