Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Time is RUNning OUT

Alf Mabrook to my bro for being 10 credits away from a normal BA,
and good luck on his last semester which he is doing to get a BA with Honours...Make duaa for him!

I have been breathing the air of books for such a long time that i think i have become a book myself!

If i say im in need for a break from my break i would not be exagorating. I'm on a break but it doesnt feel like one. I wake up (somewhat late) and think omg omg omg i have lots to do. I usually skip breakfast. I know it is the most important meal of the day but when i first wake up i cant get myself to eat (i seriously need to work on this habbit of mine)......then lunch comes and im not in the mood for food at least not heavy food...Usually as exams get closer food becomes my enemy...i usually drink lots of chocolate milk or eat chocolate...Today, i bought ten kitkats (i only ate two so far) to substitute the lack of chocolate milk in our house!!! I cant survive long without chocolate milk it is like my best friend around exam times...

I do think lots about the blogger's community and do check posts every now and then but havent commented because *refer to my title*

I have five more days to go before my first midterm is, and im not done studying yet...i really need to be done on friday so i could have two days to revise the material. I shall see how things go. Just make duaa for me.

I will blog after each exam like i usually do (need to let the stress out) hehe...I thought i owe this quick (or long) post to everyone to say that im alive:):) and to say congrats to my dear brother and thank him for sending me the candy i adore all the way from the UK :):) YUP i love candy!!!