Monday, July 30, 2007

That hurts :(

The below msg wouldnt have hurted me if i didnt care about its sender. The truth is, im not able to sleep as a result of it. My question to the sender of this e-mail although the person made it very clear they dont want anything to do with me is what have i done? I will grant you your wish and wont contact you anymore. But i want you to know through ( anyone reading my blog who may have firgured the person out) that i have nothing against you. I will forever cherish the moments you stood by me. I do hope that you clarify why and what happened? But if you dont wish to do so, little i could do. I dont have a problem with saying sorry if i ever wronged you but so far its not clear to me this sudden change just an e-mail ahead things were fine. What happened between that e-mail and this one below?

"My very Dear Happy Moi, Can I ask you here and now Please do not contact me no morenot now, not next week, not next year - No more please I hope I hear nothing more from you, or about you Good luck Best wishes And that’s it From now on, your future e-mails sent to me will automatically enter the junk folder Best wishes"

I fail to believe that im dear if thats what you have to say to me. You left me wondering just like many people before if what we had -what ever it was- was real? I dont know if knowing that you hurted me makes you feel good, but you did. I dont know what my fellow bloggers have to say in this regard. I'm honestly telling you i have nothing against the writer of this e-mail, and this was all sudden. This person doesnt want me to get in contact, and i will respect the wishes of this person. I did in fact delete the address because i was told any effort would go to waste. I have no other channels of contact to try and figure whats going on. I'm hurt beyond belief. To add to all this, today has already been a not so good day for me, and this just finished it up for me. I dont know what to say, but i need to know if anyone has any thoughts or even questions for me. I'm ready to answer anything because i really need to know what would make a person do this?.


PH said...

Well all I'll say is don't worry about it, not everyone is worth worrying about ... if someone can't respect your feelings and respect you then you shouldn't give his feelings much weight nor should you be offended nor saddened by his actions ...

salaam and I hope tomorrow turns out to be a better day .

Mixed Up Me said...

Don't worry about it . . . I don't think you are the first person this has happened to, if I am thinkning of the correct sender.

I hope you have a better day tomorrow, and every day after!

Anglo-Libyan said...

I will add my voice, do not worry about it, I think I have an idea who sent you this email.

you are a nice person and I think most of us appreciate your support, it was not your fault, you always remained polite and decent.
I hope you are over it by now, enjoy meeting the girls and I wish you all a haapy time :o)

Mr: Madi said...

I said never ever fell sorry about some one let you down without any reason , he chose to dispersed suddenly from your life with saying any word to explain his decision .
Live your life and don’t ever look back …he doesn’t deserve all this attention ,,, as we said in Libya ( اللي ما يشوفك بعينه ما توميله .... واللي ما يحس بهمك ما تشكيله )

Romana said...
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Romana said...

i honeslty wish there are more ppl like u, to consider feelings before commiting actions, i really really hope its not the person i have in mind, cos if they were, i dont know what i would do...

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
WOW! I'm literally shocked. I don't know who the emailer is---at least I don't think so. However, I'm sure those that know including yourself could enlighten me if you want.

I'm actually speechless at the contents in the email. So carefully calculated and with such condescending sweetness.

Moreover, I’m surprised the individual who is saying such words hasn’t taken accountability for their own actions of feeling upset enough to send such an email. Meaning, if they valued friendship then why not express one’s self at feeling hurt or upset by another if something has been done or said wrong. I have to believe this is how you are feeling.

I know many are giving you the advise of don’t worry about it, but knowing your heart I know you can’t do that so easily.

One of my favorite “actors” in this world is Tyler Perry who is a brilliant man. Anyway, one of his famous messages he seems to always deliver in his performances is “if someone wants to leave, then let them go”. Certainly much easier said than done, but in the end do we really want someone that doesn’t want to be around? Moreover, if someone is willing to let YOU go, would you really want them by YOUR side?

If I can do anything, please let me know my beloved sister.

Weldemdina said...

Well there could be a possibility that friend didn't send that email! it could be someone messing round with the pc and sent that unpleasant message, having said that if you found out it was really that person then, at least this person showed his/her real colour and not worth the effort to even think about them, it is hurtful yes but time is a great healer as they say.

Brave Heart said...

i'm sorry, i'm sorry . forgive me Happymoi,i wont do it again.

ok ppl stop thinking i'm not the one send the email.

if somebody need to go let him go, if u sure u don't hurt anybody, thats mean u r right and u can sleep with peaceful mind.
that's why i'll never work under women management :-P, u must be stronger than this

Happymoi said...

Thank you all for your comments. What happened has happened. It is alright. Life will go on regardless of everything that we go through. i appreciate all the kind words that were thrown my way. I shared what happened with no plans of revealing who did this, because knowing who doesnt matter. It is just the way how it was done. If i decided i dont want to speak to someone anymore the least i could do is give an explaination and do it with consideration to the person... It would have been fine with me... I was just shocked at the way it was done. No worrys everyone its no big deal, life goes on for both of us :) and for everyone else.

PH said...

"that's why i'll never work under women management :-P, u must be stronger than this"

Hatha yebi yekahilha 3amaha :)))). (j/k)


Happymoi said...

lol ph

yeah..i have a feeling he will work under a women really soon ...hehe

Brave Heart said...

i'm sorry if i make it worse.
can u tell me what soon mean
day, week, month but don't tell me it means years plz

Happymoi said...

lol brave heart..soon means the near future...i cant would be my pleasure to watch you hehe (that would be a day to record in history)...i'll make sure news papers report u...

LovelyHibo said...

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Maya said...

Salam girl
Belive me it's not worth at all if (she\he)decided to leave oki let her/him leave but i'm sure some day she\he 'll come back to you In many different way .
I'm sure and sure It's hurt and hurting you more when you don't know the reasons but always there's Allah watching us all..
And some day you will know the truth .
as LovelyHibo said... maybe they got some psycho's problems.

Wishing that you gonna be fine soon
f Aaman Allah

dusk till dawn said...

gd day happymoi.
well no need to get so upset and wind up. if ur sure of ur self then let go, its a waterunder the bridge,maybe he just trying to get u upset, or trying to get into u, have a faith in ur self, we all have those kind of peoples n life, no need to cry over spilt milk. if he was strong enough , he should told u his name, chill out and have fun.

Wleed Essa7ra said...

no don't worry about it its all good
الناس الاولى قالو اللي يبدلك اللي يبدلك بالفول بدله بقشوره
its lil bit cheesy to write it now but ( T O Z )

Keepsmile5 said...

Salam Sis.Happymoi
First of all,ur neckname"Happymoi" reminds me with a funny smart and talented fillipino girl who makes funny videos on youtube and she uses the name "Happyslip",

Second, sorry, but I have to say it. I think you have done a mistake by deleting your friend's address from ur list.
I would remind you and remind myself as well; that Allah (swt)says in surat Al-Hujurat verses #6: (( O you who believe! If a rebellious evil person comes to you with a news, verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done يا ايها الذين آمنوا اذا جاءكم فاسق بنبأ فتبينوا أن تصيبوا قوما بجهالة فتصبحوا على ما فعلتم نادمين .. صدق الله العظيم
Sis. There are many things you need to consider about this confusing email..
First thing that this email came all of sudden without previous disagreement or argument. So one possibility is that your friend might forgot to sign out before he/she left a net-coffee and maybe some evil guy came after him and send this email to you, or another thing, which is also possible, is we all know that there is a lot of spies and hackers on the web and I guess LTT doesn't provide securely enough web on the internet in Libya. I have seen many friends who get a lot of trouble from hackers..

So dear sis, your are very intlligent and just think about it.
I also would say if you have the way to contact your friend, try to contact her/him and verify what is going on. if he/she was the sender (and I hope it wasn't he/she)then he/she is the loser, cause someone of your personality is worth being more than a best friend.And in this case you can delete her from ur life.
If there is something else had happened then try to figure it out..
I don't defend her/him, but because it's so weird that a real friend sends such email and such hurt all of sudden without any cause or any previous problem.

And whatever happen, as you said; life is still going on and you just keepsmile

a_akak said...

:( seeing u sad made me even sadder

Although i wont pass any judgments on anyone but i can say that you are great person and a person i have a lot of respect for but please DONT be weak and always be STRONG no matter what the situation is and no matter who this "blogger" is, as he/she might have their own issues and circumstances that lead him/her to this e-mail...... if he/she does value you then he/she will come forward and let you know ...... but NEVER show weakness/venerability to anyone no matter who they are

Harsh words from a friend are better than soft words from an enemy

Dont worry as we always have ur back

Fe Aman Allah

Happymoi said...

Thank you for the reminder.It is true that this possiblity might be right, and i do understand everything you said, but i have no other way of contacting this person except through e-mail. I would love to believe that someone else sent this message,but at the same time wouldnt like to put myself through another hurtful if lets say it was "the person". If it wasnt the person days are destined to prove it, i should be getting a where are you e-mail or something of the likes very soon, as it is a habbit of the person to ask every once in awhile. So far none of that has been done, would u be surprised if i tell you that another friend recognized this person as the writer from this person's style of writting? As i said, i have nothing against the writer of the e-mail, this person choose to do this so there is nothing else i could do about except give this person my "best wishes" as well!

Thank you for the kinds words. I'm greatful to have a friend like yourself:) Dont worry about me, i get over things, i dont dwell on them. What happened happened, and the only thing i could do is move on:):)