Friday, July 20, 2007

It is been 3 years 2day!!!!

Three years ago,today, my family and i moved to Libya. I remember on my tranist stop in London, back then, that i wrote an e-mail to my friend complaning how would my parents do this to me, complaning about many things, about my schooling,my friends,the turn my life was about to take. Little did i know that although its tough,i'd get used to it. I'd love it. Well, love was already there. Its Libya. I was Libyan despite all the paper work,despite all the school records that state that im otherwise,despite my country of birth,despite all the facts. I was Libyan, a true Libyan.

It wasnt easy, i didnt expect it to be easy, until this day, at times i feel the urge to pack my bags and go back to the life i got used to...Many times...Then i think, well it was about time that i got to know my family,my country,my people. It is about time that i experience life in this land....somehow in between i found joy in living here.. sure it is not easy, sure i miss it over there lots, but at times i think maybe it was about time. Who knows.


Anglo-Libyan said...

مشاء الله عليك, بنت بلاد وبنت عائلة

your mature attitude toward this is wonderful and Libya is lucky to have people like you.

PH said...

You know if you went back to Canada you wouldn't feel at home anymore and you would actually be longing for Libya, but its best to settle in Libya living abroad should only be a phase in life ...........


a_akak said...

I admire you and respect you and this piece consolidated it and I share a very similar background with yourself and I have been through many similar experiences and I know it only makes you stronger and these experiences have carved out your personality and it is that personality of you that makes you so special to everyone

fe aman allah

dusk till dawn said...

what u wrote , it was true and came out from the bottom of ur heart, to be honest its such a treasure we all cherish. we born to be born and bread true, libyans.we might travel. and cross oceans and seas. but we love where we come from.our up bringing its the most desirabale assits we have, u did the right thing. just u where so young to understand i wish u more happiness to come.

Lebeeya said...

You have always been bint blad ya happymoi :)

That was a cute post and there is no place better to be than your country.

mani said...

You really touched me once again ya Happymoi.. thank you for this post, and I really believe we have a gem model Libyan girl in you.. please don't punish us by leaving.. but stay , count and be counted.


Happymoi said...

Anglo- Thank you,

ph- you think so? yes probably i'll miss it here, as my connection with this place is getting stronger every passing day, but i must Canada is my home too,it hard for me to explain but it is part of me too.

akak- yes i know we share lots in common and true, our experiences shape us...thank you for everything bro.

Dusk till dawn- Libya is a wonderful country, Libyans are wonderful people. I'm proud of my identity (i always think im multicultured)with a deep love for Libya.

lebeeya- true, there is no place like home, yallah come here fast:) Libya needs you!

Mani- "a7'jalet my humblness", thank you bro, Libya is lucky to have you back ya mani!

Mr: Madi said...

Libya sons are flowers planted in different gardens ….. but in the end they will come back to make her spring .and you one of these flowers Happymoi.