Monday, July 23, 2007

I want to say goodbye to u my flu..for it is family time:P

I have been dealing with the dreaded flu for about five days now if not more; i lost count. Alhamdullah, i have gotten much better. It is still there but not as severe, i have what i call the aftermath of the flu, the cough,headache,and the red nose:P

What have i ( happymoi) been up to?
The past few days have all been about family gatherings. They are still about that and will be for awhile...some are back here for a visit,some were away for health reasons. Yesterday i was at my aunt's place(my dad's sis). She just came back with her husband and my grandma from Tunisia. Her husband, had two surgeries there. He is doing well, and im happy for him and the family. Now there is my other aunt's husband who is still in Tunisia undergoing treatment for the strok he had, he isnt back yet but we are waiting for him..(see i told you Tunisia equates hospital for almost all Libyans,thats why when they hear someone is in Tunisia the first thing they say is inshallah la bas). Also, my mom's side of the family has been about family get together. It is been hectic for us, having to juggle between both famlies..its good we are still sane!we r trying to make sure we are present every where... Today, i have to go back to my aunt's place, and spend the day there. Tomorrow, i have to go to my mom's side of the family and have lunch with everyone at my mom's sister's house, then come back to my dad's sis's house in the evening *sigh*. My mom's sis have invited all of us and my uncle who is here for a visit for lunch. In the midest of all this i have to keep up with my friends. I must say i havent seen any of them since school came to an end on June18th, i have only been talking to them through the phone. Its been really crazy, and i hope they dont get angry at me for not spending anytime with feels like im running a marthoon....ahhh....
**Last but not least :) b-day dear bro **


PH said...

Well having family around you, even though it can be hectic at times, is better than the alternative :) ... I'm glad to see your aunts Husband is doing well and I hope you're other aunts Husbands returns well .....:)

As for your friends I'm sure they'll understand once you tell them the reasons behind your absence and summer is usually busy in Libya so don't worry about them .... Oh and happy birthday too your brother .


a_akak said...

happy happy happy and we always happy to see happy

I also have a very bad cold :( and mine is a result of having a shower and sleeping in a room with the AC on full blast which is not advisable

may allah always keep you family happy and together and may you have a great time and it is hard juggling family and friends together but it is fun :)

fe aman allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

looks like you caught an English flu :oS

la bas 3alaik wa 3ala the rest of the family in Libya and Tunisia inshaAllah.

you know living here (which is something you went through as well) where there are hardly any relatives makes wish we were back in Libya surrounded by loved ones especially for the sake of children who are grwing up not knowing the love of Grandparents, aunties and uncles.
but I do understand how it can get hectic sometimes, Allah bless your family.

Mr: Madi said...

In Sha Alah Labas anti wel 3ila
May GOD bless you and your family

Happymoi said...

Thank you for your comments. I know i havent been doing a good job replying to each comment indvidually but its due to family gatherings. I have yet another one today and its over lunch so im only here for few mintues, then i must get ready

Romana said...

wow, i dont wanna be you right now with all this mess!

inshalla both ur relatives will be fine... as u said, tunisian hospitals are filled with libyans,a minuture libya,a sick one... inshall yerja3ou bil salama

happy b-day happymoi's bro lol