Friday, July 27, 2007

HELP ME OUT:P ya lahwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Yesterday i ended up sleeping at my aunt's house. You know how libyan aunts are, if you come to their house they never want you out. She swear "walahi ela ma etji etbati alyum"--which means you have to come sleep over tonight...i was left out of options so i thought ok i'll go after all the guests leave and stay there until breakfast time then leave right away...planning ..planning...little did i know that plans are never functionable in my dear society, as i i was about to leave my aunt make another "libyan swear" -walahi low matg3deesh tet3'adi ma3ad etklameni wa la ani 3amtek wa la na3rfek...which means for my non-libyan speakers "i swear to god if you dont stay over for lunch, i wont be talking to you, and i wont be your aunt anymore...So i had no choice, i stayed...Then kalas i was gonna explode if they dont let me out, cuz i wanted to take go home, take a shower and rest...So i told my aunt that i must leave cuz i feel yucky and i didnt bring my showering stuff, she was baout to send her son to bring me my stuff but i insisted i go then after i rest if i was able to wake up i'd come...mentally, i had the plan of not going back but i had to say i'd try or else i wont be able to leave her house. So alhamdullah im home!!! I had a nice time, but really when i need to go home--- i need to go home!!! Still family gatherings, and slowly im losing it!! HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


LovelyHibo said...

يناري سخفتيني ..ماتبكيش.
باكوا الكلينكس خليته في السيارة لوووول

شكلك احرف مني وقت كبرت بديت مانحبش نبات برا حوشنا وخصوصاُ لما نعرف إن أمي حاتقعد بروحها
حتي قبل مايتوفي بوي...يحلفوا للصبح نسكر راسي ومانباتش..وسبلتي ديما إني بنوض بكري وبنمشي للروضة وشغل ودواممم ووو...وفي العطلة نقوللهم بنضم الحوش

شوفي هي عمتك ولا خالتك لوووول

الخالة ياسبحان الله تحبي تباتي عندها تحسي روحك مش غريبة
لكن حوش عمتك تحسي روحي برانيه وماتقدريش حتي تخشي تاخد طاسة اميه

وبعدين كل حوش وليه جوه بروحه
يعني من الصعب علينا إن نتأقلموا مع أقاربنا ونقعدوا معاهم لأننا تربينا بطريقة تختلف عليهم ...

مسلسل مكسيكي..
واخيرا روحتي للحوش..

المره الجاية اتصلي بيا نجي نروح بيك

Mixed Up Me said...

I agree with lovelyhibo! Actually I can't read a single word, but I'm sure whatever is written is fabulous. I'm glad you were able to get home to relax . . .now you better get back to your aunt's house or she'll come looking for you :) Have a great day!!!

Happymoi said...

lol, if i had your number i would have called you to drag me good with excuses but when it comes to relatives they always win!! Shes my dad's sister so my 3ama...the thing is i have this thing where if i must go i must go and no one should stop me cuz i could easily go on fire!

Mixed up me-
i think its the first time that i write your nickname in the right order lol...i usually put mixed me up...god my brain!! lol i didnt go back to my aunt's house, and lucikly no one was here to drag me there...hope you are having a great day:)

a_akak said...

i am not going to say "i feel sorry for you" as our society is ruled by these events and gatherings but i will say "i feel sorry for our society for being like this"... Excess of anything good can be bad and this is what is happening to you, so what would i say? be patient with your family and the easiest way to overcome this to "chillax" :P and take things easy and just go with the flow as in the end of the day they only do these things out of love for you and they are your family and they are who you are

Fe Aman Allah

Brave Heart said...

U R lucky, i hope i have tens of uncles and aunts.going to ur aunts hose mean u just tell them what u need and what u wish and they will do every thing for u.

PH said...

You bring back childhood nightmares :P .... I remember those sleepovers, when I would stay at relatives who don't have children my age and it would be boring and formal all throughout my stay ...... those were the days :D.


Anglo-Libyan said...

just to make you feel better, most Libyans here are the same, especially when they invite you for dinner, MashaAllah they make so much food that you feel full just by looking at it and feel stressed because you know you cant even eat a bit of it then DISASTER another massive piece of meat lands in your plate with Walahi you must eat it! that is another Yalawiiii :o)

Allah bless your family

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
I'm feeling Closterphobic, finding my breathing a little labored, and finding myself putting on the “I’m fine” smile all the while my jaw clinching. Feeling anything like that?

LOL @ PH’s description of childhood nightmares, and relating to the things we have to do to be “polite”.

I’m with you, if you want to go you should be able to go without GUILT.

Did you draw the curtains in your home, turn out the lights and only use a flashlight under your bed in order to read in peacefulness?

Of course, it’s easy to rationalize the situation is just merely a glimpse of time and it will pass like everything else, HOWEVER, the present feelings being experienced are really real. So, am proud of you for recognizing them and honoring them for what they are…..good job.

So, what time do you want me to show up and kidnap you from family madness? :-)

LovelyHibo said...

تي انتي طلعتي حالتك حاله
كتبتلك تعليق في بلوقري خشي واقريه


Mr: Madi said...

You are so lucky to find some one love you so much as they are do ….I think this is their way to make you know how you are precious for them and how they love you and care about you …. It is ok if you spent little time with them they deserve that.

Lost-Libyan said...

lol....nice one happy moi....hada ento el libyeen kana shado fek woh kana mashdoesh fek ma3naha ra7'yen
anyways, u should make it always crystal clear that u can not spend the night outside home ;)
i do that all the time when i go to libya and boy doesnt it work!! :)