Saturday, August 4, 2007

Alf Mabrook Damoon & Dastars

It is Damoon's wedding today. I'm totally excited for her:) I hope and pray that everything goes smoothly for her and her husband. They deserves all the best, and i would like to say in this happy occasion:-

"بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما وجمع بينكما بخير"
Damoon & Dastars


PH said...

Mabroook to Damoon and Dastar and I wish them a happy life together .


Happymoi said...

Allah ebarek feek on Damoon's behalf:) Im excited about being one of those present inshallah at her wedding:):):) i will for sure let you all know how it went, plus i will get to see Picolina,Maiuna,Romana,Maysoon,
Lebeeya and ofcourse the beatuiful bride exiting:)

Brave Heart said...

:(( :(( :(( :(( when u will post about me :(( :(( :((

mabrook for the both, i hope every thing will be ok and i hope they will name first son Brave Heart

Anglo-Libyan said...

Mabrouk to the happy couple

wishing them the best inshaAllah and wishing you and the other female Libyan bloggers a happy and enjoyable meeting tonight, all the best :o)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
Cute Tweetie pic. :-)
I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR ABOUT THE EXCITING EVENT. Moreover, I'm looking forward to hearing about all the ladies you join up with. :-)

Weldemdina said...

Alf mabrook to DaMoon & Dastar, inshallah all their days are full of happiness and joy to both of them and everyone, and happymoi welcome back, have a wonderful time.

Happymoi said...

Yallah shed al hima and find your special someone, not until then will i post such a post for you:) 3ogbalik bro:) and allah ebrek feek on damoon's behalf:)as for naming their son, i will leave damoon to respond to that:P and dont make such a suggestion when i get married plz hehe:)
Allah ebarek feek:) ofcourse on damoon's behalf since shes probably stuck at some salon getting herself ready for her big day! Thanks for the good wishes. I cant wait! I did contact lebeeya at last, and inshallah she can make it, i know the rest are inshallah for sure.
Aww i love the pic too, i will for sure let you all know how it goes and im excited about meeting the girls too. So inshallah rabi etamem 3ala khair:)
Again, allah ebarek feek on damoon n dastars behalf:)and thanks for welcoming me back:):):)


LovelyHibo said...

Mabrok for her
If she invets me i wont` going to say NO>> But..Thanks For the ignoering me agian ...and again..
and thanks God "Alhmd allah" For That.

i have A word to anglo-libyan..
You said we are so far of each others and have so strong feeling about each others.
and i dont` know why..i keep asking about them and care about them and inveting them for a cup or tea or coffe whatever..!!
When they dont` Care and they Ignoer me..!
What Do You think..That meaning..!!?

Stranger Wallhi..if i will get marrig i will invet everyone..who i was really care about them and i knew they really care about me,and everyone who i said they re my sisters or my brothers.
i will invet the girls and the boys..Why Not`>>PARdon me i feel so hurts..

i amnot` plaming you happymoi..
But..try to imagin me care about you and love you fi allah.
and marrige and invet the other libyan blogger girls..and ignoer You..!!

Feel it and tell me..
You know..i will stop Care About her and about Everyone Ignoer me ,ignoer my Comments ..
i am really sorry...

rabi ysam7kom ..

i love to have men as know why becoues they dont` ignoer me when i am here..

MABROK ربي يهني كل سعيد بسعيده

Happymoi said...

i'm bk everyone:):)i had a blast!!

Dear Hibo-
I'm sure Damoon wanted to invite you, i know her, she wanted everyone there trust my words!!
You are officialy invited to my wedding whenever it happens to be inshallah.Take my words Hibo, you matter to all of us, and i tell you again, damoon really wanted everyone to be there, ma3leshi habooba, i really dont want you to be sad...hugs n kisses on behalf of damoon and me...

Anglo-Libyan said...

forgive me happymoi for writing to Hibo :o)

dear Hibo, your comment did upset me and I felt your pain but can I tell you something that happened at my wedding nearly 10 years ago:

I forgot to invite a friend of mine and not just that, I actually didnt even know that I forgot until he mentioned it to me few months later and I really felt bad, I did not mean for that to happen, there was no reason, I just over looked him and I am really sorry for that.
sometimes at big events people forget things or they think it has been done.
you are a friendly and happy blogger which many of us admire, after all you have been here longer than many of us.
I hope inshaAllah that Happymoi's reply made you feel better and most of all do not forget, you are the one and only holder of the proud name "Lovely Tripoli" :o)

Thank you Happymoi and glad you had a blast :o)

Brave Heart said...

why u r like this ya happy, i'm promise u ,i'll name my sixth daughter by ur name :Pjust because the previous 5 already been booked ;)

LovelyHibo said...

Back again..
Happymoi.i am not` angry of you,becoues i really like you as my sister.
But..let me tell you this by Arabic;
ياأختي في مناسباتنا الإجتماعية وقت يكون الفرح ليك أو في بيتكم
فباش تطلعي من الإحراج الناس في مقر العمل يحطوا في بطاقة والدعوة عامه
الي يبي يجي يجي والي مايبيش مايجيش ويادار ماذخلك شر..

والحكاية سامحيني فيها بصدق حكاية دوق
يعني مش لائقه إن ينكتب في بلوقر
أي بمعني :
اني في 2
ماعنديش كيف نعزمهم إلا بالبلوقر..ونبيهم يتفضلوا
ومكتوب إسم هالإثنين هادم بس...
يعني الحكاية مش حكاية نسوة زي ماتفضلتي وقلتي...هو للعلم لو ما إنتي ماكتبتيش الأسماء الي معزومين ماكنتش انتبهت للموضوع من أساسه...بس
هذا الي صار...

أني والله مش ميته في المشي ..بس
أني بجديات زعلت لأن الإنسان يقول أحياناً كلام أو يكتبه و يأتي بعكسه
وفي مثل بمعني علي قدر معزتك للناس يكون عتابك ليهم

وأني مش زعلانه أن لو البنات إجتمعوا مع بعض في مكان وماقلوليش تعالي مثلاً

عندهم الحق مايتقبلونيش أو مايتقبلوش حسن نيتي و محبتي للناس بشكل غريب

الي ضايقني إني والله أعلم إني حبيتكم كلكم في الله بنات ورجال...ليبيين
Anglo-Libyan :
ياأخي زمانك مختلف عن زمانا:)

وياريتك زمانك هو الزمان الي نعيشوا فيه توا...لأن نفوس الشر كانت أكثر براءة وصدق وطهارة ..
الله علي زمانكَ..

ردي ليك موجود في ردي للهابي

تحياتي للجميع
وأعدروا لي إنقطاعي القادم

Happymoi said...

i do understand what you are saying i wish i could do something to make you feel better. Inshallah in the near future we'll get to meet, i would really love to meet you, and when i get time we'll talk about it together inshallah, hopfully soon. Take good care of yourself and walahi im sure that Damoon wanted you to be part of the wedding, shes got a kind heart,dont take it personal, and dont worry inshallah many more meetings to come for all of us,i dont want you to feel left out as walahi i love you alot. Matza3lesh ro7ek.