Monday, July 16, 2007

Alhamdullah: 4th year here i come :-) rororororeyyy

Alhamdullah!! My results turned out wonderful. Alhamdullah!!Alhamdullah!! i passed all my courses, including the course i was so afriad of (Happymoi high fives self:P). To my surprise i did exceptionally well on it on my final exam. (How did i screw up on my midterm?i'm not so sure!-that will remain a mystry) I'm still at the disbelief stage. This year was one of the toughest school years for me,and for everything to work out at the end is just wonderful. Alhamdullah. I'm still puting my thoughts down about my trip.So be patient,

ALhamdullah as many times as there are human beings on this earth
and even more so. Alhamdullah! I'm so happy. All that studying didnt go to waste:):):) I was told that i got top student, i havent seen that yet but i'll take my friend's words. The list of rankings isnt yet composed by the school so my friend just checked our averages and said i was top (ofcourse im thrilled:)). I'm not too worried about rankings and all because for me passing criminal law was a mircal... Really the exams for that course were hell on earth!! I'm so greatful i passed it. YAY celebration time:)

While talking about results: Congrats to my friend Mo for graduating, i knew you'd get far! Mashallah! Congrats to all grads of 07. To my classmates and friends: mabrook al naja7:)

I just thought i share with everyone the best moment of the day!! ALhamdullah:)


a_akak said...

Mabrook Mabrook Mabrook Mabrook :) I am so thrilled and happy for happy

I knew you would get top student and masha allah you did but wallah i had a feeling you would :D

I think my barakat had a lot to do with your grades :) as I sent you more than the average number of barakat and insha allah this is just one step for you as we want to hear about you when you become a full Lawyer insha allah and then we will sue the world :)

Happy Is Happy :)

Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

(doing a happy dance while singing loudly) MABROOK, MABROOK, MABROOK, MABROOK!!!! This is fantastic news, ALHAMDULLILAH.
Happy, Happy She's our gal lets all give her a great big bow. (bowing before the soon-to-be Attorney at Law)

PH said...

Mabrook Elnajah wa elhamd illah 3ala al-salama ... 3a3'bal al-ta7'rij :).


Mixed Up Me said...

Congratulations and Best of Luck to you in your future endeavors!!!

(Jumping over from Journey of Life)

Cheers to you and your future . . .

a_akak said...

BTW what is that "rororororeyyy" in the end? is that Zagoota? hmmm let think of how to do the correct spelling of a zagroota :P

Fe aman allah

DaMoon said...

mabrooook sweetieeee, mashallah I am soo proud of u :o) yeeyyy, kana na3rf nzaghrt rahu i did ...:o)

take care

Anglo-Libyan said...

MashaAllah, Mabrouk and well done :o)

Brave Heart said...

765438909764 mabrook: u deserve it, allah does not waste any efforts done in the right way.
but i have question how u can read and understand each clause in all these books.

mani said...

Mabroooook ya happymoi!! :) :) ya3tek el sa77a sis lol

Happymoi said...

Allah ebarek feek:)i'm so happy walahi:):):)
akeed ur prayers are what made me reach where i'm! Oh btw i left you the cash at the firm for your barakat:) hehe..

ibee: my dear fellow, i love your comments. You have a way of putting a smile on my face everytime:) Allah ebarek feek:) Thank you thank you:)

ph: thank you, allah ebarek feek:)

mixed me up: welcome to my blog,its always my pleasure to get to know someone new:)Thank you for your comment:)

akak: lol lol lol i dont know how to za3'ret so i wont know how to spell it..come on give me credit for trying!!!

damoon: allah ebarek feek:):) it doesnt matter how u sa3'ret as long as u do:)

anglo: Allah ebarek feek and 3oqbal to ur kids inshallah:)

brave heart: allah ebarek feek, thank you for your comment:)

mani: thank you bro, walahi im so one can measure the happiness im in, never did i feel so happy in my life as today,because this year was really tough so alhamdullah:)