Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Health Nightmare [not care]

On December,2006 my aunt's husband got a stroke which left him half paralyzed. He was under going treatment and was getting better. He got to the point of being able to walk. Only to get sick again on a Friday June30,2007 night at around 12am. The thing about getting sick on a Friday night in Libya is that no doctors are on hospitals. None whatsoever. No one. Its as if no one gets sick on Fridays. It is as if this day is a holiday from "it" all. Reality says other wise. Imagine this, my uncle was sick. He was being taken from one hospital to another,no hospital was ready to take him because he was in an awful state. HELLOOOOOO what are hospitals for if they are going to keep saying we cant take him, his state is way over us. What is going on?? So the family ended up taking him to al sbea3a hospital which is around an hour drive away.Can you believe it. Can you believe it? The worst is yet to come. After a one hour drive no doctors were available at the that specialized heart hospital. That's when the family decided to use its connections. Imagine..calling people they knew so they could locate a doctor to have a look at my aunt's husband. He was placed in intensive care unit, and what an intensive care it was. He was supposed to stay for 24 hours,but was placed out less then 12 hours later? !!! What the hell???!! really. I mean he was in a miserable state, closer to death then life how on earth did they see him improve? An educated decision was made to get him out of Libya, to the now famous Libyan new hospitals (TUNISIA), now there is a "tones" phobia cuz its equated with being sick. Yup it was that bad. Now at least he is receiving the treatment he deserves, he is taken good care of, at least in terms of "keeping him in intensive care unit". It really saddens me that we are where we are. We are a rich country, we deserve good hospitals. I not only blame the health care system but i also blame the doctors for their heartless actions. At least have the decency to be there when it is your shift. 7aram 3alekum goes to all the doctors out there. Ok so in my family's case we were able to take him to Tunisia with an emergency plane, what about others who cant? or is it that no one really cares anymore?? Walahi my heart was torn on Friday night, the whole family was in a disastrous state. The problem is, the pain of having someone you know get hurt wasnt enough, the health care system +doctors had to add "insult to injury" dad vowed we are moving as soon as he can...i don't blame him for making such a vow. He was awaken from his sleep in the middle of the night and was searching for a hospital along with everyone else.In Germany, if a doctor was on holiday (HOLIDAY) and happen to pass by a sick person on the street and didnt help him his license would be rovoked, why dont we impose such a thing in Libya? well ba3deen we wont have any licenced doctors! Rabi yuster wa kalas. May Allah heal all those sick and those healthy keep them so. Pray for my aunt's husband to get well soon. At the end, i hope that doctors enjoy their Friday zarada "picnic" knowing that others are dying because of their reckless act and lack of commitment.


PH said...

La Baas 3ala your aunts husband wa inshaa allah yared le3afita and inshaa rabi yesaber your aunt :).


PH said...

stay strong sis :)

Libyano said...

I feel so sorry for your aunt's husband inshallah la bas 3leeh
wallahi the truth hurts so much here in Libya , how our hospitals are empty and there is no doctors at night not only in Friday but everyday after 5 you wont find a single consultant or senior doctor , I don't know where they go but usually they are on call but imagine how you will call a LIBYAN doctor in the middle of the night and tell him to come ,most of them either not answer their phones or doesn't leave any contact number aslan , it's miserable and so sad the way our health system works and it's going to be worst now because even with ur money in private clinics you wont find any good doctors because of the new laws for doctors to work either in public or private hospital everyone goes for public hospital especially after the big rise in the salaries and there is less responsibilities and no one that can come after you , the biggest problem is all our hospitals are ran by bunch of doctors who been in the same place for ages and their mentality is still the same old thing and they don't care .
wallahi i feel so ashamed sometimes when people talk about libyan doctors in front of me but can't say anything because it's true the majority of doctors are so bad and I can't convince people with the few good doctors .
I myself happen to get in a fight once with one of our big shot doctors because I wanted to check up some old man I know but the doctor always didn't show up to see this man and I told him once in his face no wonder why all libyans go to Tunisia , he kept yelling at me and I will suspend you and mish 3arif sheni I told him it's not your fault it's the university who only applied the medical ethics subject just recently .

wallahi if I keep talking till tomorrow I wont finish I feel so sore inside and I hope one day our health system change and we can depend on our hospitals .

Libyano said...

ops the comment was so long

Anglo-Libyan said...

first of all, salamet your uncle and inshaAllah he makes a full recovery soon.

I am so angry and furious about all this negative side of our beloved country. I feel bloggers are telling us the truth about reality in Libya which otherwise we only know about by word of mouth.
isnt it about time that Libya media picked up on these disgusting points and perhaps made the authorities and people wake up and start to take responsibility.

I have family there and I worry about them all the time, you know one of the main reasons that is stopping me from going back to Libya is health care, both of kids have small medical peoblems that are easily treated here but as my family told me, can be a major problem in our great rich jamahiriya.

I have faith in some of our people and feel that Libyan bloggers are doing their best to shame the culprits and highlight the good of our country.

Libyano, I salut you for being so honest about your experiences.

a_akak said...

Oh my god :( I am so sorry for being late :( and insha allah your aunts husband will be better and I pray for him and your family and insha allah aygoom bisalama :( …………….. have sabber and be saboora and always know that everything is “be masheat allah” and always have strong Eman Billah and insha allah he will be back soon …………….. I feel for you & your family and may allah give you and your family Sabber and strong will

Regarding the Health care, I don’t think we have one and Doctors hearts are so dead and they are so blind with money that human life is worth nothing ………………… 7asbee allah wa na3m al-wakeel

You have free “barakkat” for as long as you need you will be in our prayers

Fe Aman Allah

Happymoi said...

Thank you. Ameen ya rab:)
Again thank you. I'm ok:)
Thank you for the comment. Allah la ewareek bas. It is really sad, the health state in our beloved country. I always say ya rab if im meant to get sick make it when im abroad not when im in Libya. My dad after this incident told all his bros that he will never forgive them if he got sick here and they took him to any hospital here. He said leave me home, i would be better off if i ever get sick,and dont take me to the hopsital. Its upsetting the state of our medical care. It must be embarresing to be a doctor under such circumstances!!
dont worry about the comment being long,bel3akes its informative:)
Allah esalmek. Ameen ya rab. You have every right to be angry. I would suggest you think twice before moving here, especially that your kids have small medical issues. The hospitals will be way over them here. Unless you are ready to take the trip to Tunisia every time one of ur kids coughs. Not even a flu could be treated well here.I know there are good doctors but even the good doctors are not very serious about their see they realize that they are doing the serious stuff alone,plus they have no good equipments, they end up doing so little and skipping their shifts like every other "bad" doctor!!!
Thank you for your free barakat. I knew you'd be kind enough and give them to me for free considerering my situation...:)

My wish is for our health care system to get better. This will take not just the effort of the system alone, for many times,the system has tried only to be faced with struggles from the doctors and believe me even the patients.So there is a need to cooperation between doctors/patients/the general public and the system! Things such as stealing hospital blankets,and medcial equipements,and hospital food supply should be stopped. Not only that but the adminstration needs to impose strict laws to make sure things get better. We are only asking for the simplest things in life a good medical care for the sick in a very rich country. That isnt much to ask is it?!!

Romana said...

MY heart is just as torn as your Happymoi, especially now after i've read your post.

Allah ynawda bil Salama, o goes back on the road to recovery...

it is Sad Happymoi, everything here is sad, hospitals should be the least they could improve, people's lives are at stake, and thats the only hope! if we could all be doctors, we would've been!

I mean shino nagesha li Libya, shno?? i guess nagesha good ppl with intergrity, and a heart that pumps...

im glad you had a way to take ur uncle to Tunisia, i feel for you... i really do.. i always say inshalla ya Rab may7eejnaash nowsolu li 3'adi, cos then u'll know its a bad case that couldnot be treated here... or do they EVER know how to treat anything here???

Inshalla ya rab yerja3 bil salama Happymoi... i will pray for him...

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
I am literally speechless. Truly this seems unfathomable.
May Allah bless your aunt’s husband, as well as bless to you and your family, inshallah.

LovelyHibo said...

لاباس عليكم
وربنا يرزقنا جميعا الصحة

Highlander said...

Inshallah labass - I'm sorry to hear about this - you have my prayers!

MaySoon said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle, hope he gets well soon .. inshaAllah..

IT IS Health "NIGHTMARE" as you called it, frustrating!

Lebeeya said...

I am so sorry to hear this, salamet your aunts husband. He is in my prayers.

Rose Bud said...

Inshallah Labaas. I went through the same thing twice with my father. He was in Merkiz Tubi in Tripoli both times and he survived becasue Allah wanted him here with us. I still cry thiking about the way people are treated in that hospital espically when there is a lot of things they can do for people now days.

MaySoon said...

InshaAllah every thing is alright there sweetie!?

Chavi said...

This is great info to know.