Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm in London right now. Things are really busy. I dont have that much time to go online!! More to come later probably when im back to Tripoli which will be inshallah on the 15th.

I miss you all tons. Have a wonderful time!


Brave Heart said...

welcome in the uk, i c now why the weather is good these days, don't miss the hyde park, 5 days is toooo short to visit london

PH said...

Good luck with your internship and have fun :).


a_akak said...

no wonder London seems so beautiful and their is something relaxing and soothing in the air i wonder what could be? or what is the cause :P.......... Welcome to London :) and hope you get time to see what you can see and good luck with your internship,

look forward to reading about your adventures :)

Fe Aman Allah

DaMoon said...

Heyyy gurl, good to see u r alive and kicking....well, best of luck darling and we miss u toooo

u go gurl ;o)

MaySoon said...

Good luck sweetie, have fun work hard but don't forget to have fun :o)

Anglo-Libyan said...

good luck and enjoy your visit :o)

mani said...

Heeeeeey Happy sis! so you arethere huh? :P please take care of yourself and enjoy the UK and your training experience.. besides.. I thought you were staying there beyond the 15th???...


piccolina said...

heeyyy lucky you mashallah .. enjoy your time and have fun sweetie

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
Congratulations on making it safely to UK, alhamdullilah.

Enjoy your adventure, and look forward to hearing about it when you are able, inshallah.

a_akak said...

any news? keep us updated !!! :)

Fe Aman Allah

Lebeeya said...

Good luck and have lots of fun :)

Cant wait to hear all about your trip. Tarja3i bisalama :)

Anonymous said...

5 ايام سادين
باش تتدهور وتتمعني فلو طالت المده حاتقلقي..وممكن لا

ماتنسيش تمشي
Tower of london
Eye of london
hyde park
Tekadili square
Jainists Street
Old paintings Museum
Trafelgar square
Oxford Street 4 shoping.

(By the way,try to Viset Next in oxfprd street and try the New women's perfumes,i loved them )

Dont` Forget to go to the movie.
Have fun,

a_akak said...

no updates?

Happymoi said...