Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Was i sent to the gulf?

It was 7/7/07 (Saturday)I woke up and headed to the airport,i was excited yet apprehensive. I was going to London, and for the first time in my life i travel for the purpose of work (internship). I have done lots of work experience/volunteer work throughout my life,but i never did any work experience in the field of law so i had mixed feelings and there was the usual questions: will i be able to mannage? After few mintues i decided to let go of these thoughts. I had a full day before i even had to go to work as my internship was to start on the 9th. I got to London at around 5.20pm, went through check in,and was out in a flash but decided to wait for my cousins/their friends who were on a tranist stop in London to go to Canada.It took them awhile to be checked in,they were all under 16. They got a 24 hour visa and left to a hotel for the night. I had my dad's friend waiting for me and my brother,and mom. Yes my mom tagged along(and im glad she did). It was supposed to be just me and my brother but then my mom decided to come along as well. We were in the car for almost 2 hours if not abit more. There was some sort of a march(maseera) and the roads were either closed or crowded so it took us about the time we spent on flight to get to our place. We stayed at burwood/marple arch. I was surprised/astonished/amazed/ at the number of muslims and specifically at the number of people from the gulf. I remember my amazment went as far as texting my dad, and asking him did he by any chance send me to the gulf? and went on to msg my sister and tell her that im not in London. I have lived in other western countries but have never seen that many muslims in one place (mashallah). It felt like home. Arabic was everywhere, and on my first and second day i heard very little English spoken. I had to remind myself every now and then that im in an English speaking country!! The first day, i got to our place really tired and exahusted and had little energy to do anything, so i just went out for the purpose of eating something and getting home to sleep...little did i know that many times i'd just do,go home from work,freshen up,go eat then come home!I had my cousin, khalti and her husband on a visit(they got there few days before us) in London so we met up on our second day in London (8/7/07)-Sunday. It was a day for us to get fimiliar with our area and explore the surroundings. We spent all day at edgware,going from one store to another. I was supposed to get a new formal black trousers to wear at work but wasnt in the mood of trying things out...so i just looked around and ended up buying nothing that day. We took breaks every now and then at my cousin's hotel at the business launch or at our place. Whenever we get tired, we go to the closest place. After a long day we went to maroush,a lebenese resaturant (which had lots of branches but we went to the one that has nice tables and looks more formal. We had a wonderful chat together and eat Lebenese food. I love Lebenese food especially "waraq al 3enab" -vine leaves and all their salads!!Then it was 9/7/07 (Monday). It was my first official day of work. I woke up at around 7:30am,got myself ready, and woke up my brother at around 8:30 so we could go to train station at around 9:00am and get our oyster card. My dad's friend tagged along to show us the way ( barak alahu feeh,he did more then he should walahi). So we purchased our one week tickects and headed to aldegate. It was a formal business area. Everyone was dressed in suits except my brother(he felt out of place,he said). I got to the firm (Holman Fenwick and Willan) at around 10 to 15am. This firm is so historical it has been there sicne 1880s and was founded by the Holman family.At work i was given a temperoray card (to scan through doors so i can go into the firm and same process to get out)so movie style, all these secuirty stuff!!! A. Cornner from HR was waiting for me and other vaction students (thats what i was called- a vaction student) and toured us around the firm and gave us instructions fire alram/emergency and all the normal procedures and asked us to be dressed formally, and we were already dressed according to standereds, we were also asked to sign a contract stating that everything we hear at the firm we forget at the firm,and thats only right because there are lots of confidential information and it needs to remain as such. Then i was introuduced to D. Honey,the lawyer i have been in contact with through e-mail but never seen in real life until then, he was my main surprovisor. He welcomed me to the firm and gave me a long case to read through i was showed to my office (orginally it belongs to another solicter who was away on a business trip) which happened to be across from J.Clanchy a solicter who has done lots of work in North Africa and specifically Libya. On my first day of work,the company took me to Lunch at a restaurant called Assembly. It was an alright experience. I had a nice chat with my fellow coworkers. There were four of them and i was the fifth. We talked about everything, from Libya to France to Canada. They gave me an overview of what it is like to work at a law firm. Then we headed back to our firm,and i continued reading the case and making notes. So my first day reminded me of my exam period. Then i went home,freshened up,and went out to my cousin's hotel chatted together and then my dad's friend brought his daughter and took me and my brother on a tour (the same route that the tour bus takes) and i got to see tons of places from the comfort of the car such as the Big pen,Buckingham palace,Harrods,Chalers place,the road that was name after the English's victory over the Spanish,and many more places which i took pics off..we had a nice walk around the river and the tour ended,,,then i got home,,,and i went to Pizza Hut with my brother and mom..After that we headed home and slept.10/7/07 (Tuesday)My day started at around 7:30am. I woke up got ready,waited until it was 8:30 am and woke up my bro to tag along with me. My mom had an underground phobia and was worried someone would beat me up or something, she said if i wanted to go alone that i should use the bus. Ofcourse, that was out of the question. Cuz with buses i'd have to calculate the time loss of the traffic and would have to make it up by waking up few hours earlier (no thanks). That was a no way. So my poor bro tagged along!! Got to work, and contuined reading the case. Then i was asked to stop reading and assist them with getting the doucments/proves in order,and review the calculations of a case that has the 1oth as its deadline.I quickly scanned through the case and got stright to work. i did what i was asked and i had so much fun doing it. Then it was lunch time, and i went to Eat--it was a horrible experience. Bad choice!!I drank my coca and left the sandwich on the tray. Oh remembering it makes me wanna throw up--excuse moi! Then i went to my cousin's hotel, chatted and then went out and checked the shops. Again, i was just tagging along,i didnt purchase anything,then i asked my cousin/aunt/mom to go eat at Pizza Hut, i was hungry so i didnt want to go to any place to try out, i wanted something i already knew. We ate and then we each headed home. We were too tired to do anything, and epsecially me. I was dead tired!11/7/07 (Wednesday)Just the usuall routine, i went to work, continued reading on the case i was given the first day as it was a hugh case, and i was asked to do a research about Corporate Manslaughter/Coporate Killing. I took a break from reading the case and did the research, then i discussed my findings with my fellow coworker. After getting that done i got another case to read and highlight certian information, which i did happily. Then it was lunch time, this time i went with my coworker Clare to starbucks (again i was going for fimilair places). I'm a pickky eater so its hard for me to enjoy just anything. I ate abit and left the rest because they had something in there that i couldnt eat. I drank my orange juice and chatted with my coworker about Libya, her travels,mine,and the firm. I had an amazing time, with exception to my sandwich i enjoyed my lunch time:P I headed back to work and continued reading the case until it was time to go home. My dad was to arrive to London on Wednesday so i went home and found a msg from his international cell (happymoi whats for dinner today?) i replied (dad resturants are everywhere,and you get to choose)...So we waited for him, and went to my cousin's hotel,we had a good chat and said goodbye to them cuz they were leaving in the morning and headed to Maroush,the lebenese resturant i mentioned earlier. We had shish tawooq(main course),in addition to some appetizers and mine was ofcourse vine leaves:) waraq al enab:)..Then we headed home and slept.12/7/07Work had a different falvour on the 12th.I was given a new case to highlight certain information (a 10 pages case, no as long as the first case i was given)...in addition to that, I was asked to attend a workshop lunch with my coworkers which i did happily and the workshop was about "whats a ship"...it was alright, the food (oh no) i dont even want to remember. It was club sandiwiches and i mean im fine with them, at least i used to be fine with them...but oh god, i grabbed a cheese club sandwich and walahi i had to fill my cup with water so i could force my self to finish it...Cuz everyone's plate was full except mine and i didnt want my coworkers to think i didnt like the lunch, cuz it would be rude so i forced my self into eating that sandwich!! what an experience:(! I head home as hungry as wolf!! I asked my mom to join me to the Spaghttie house. I wanted some real food and so i went there. It was good and the waiter was so much fun, i gave the waiter a good tip for his sense of humor and his service!! After that i checked some stores out, they had only an hour and were going to close so i quickly looked through and i bought some souviners for myself.13/7/07It was my last day of work and i got to just about four pages to finish the huge case i was given on my first day. I completed that and done a summary of it. Then my coworker told me to come with him to court which i gladly accepted. The building was amazing. It is so victorian. I loved it. I went to the court of Appeal in which everyone was wearing wigs, and a trail of a murderer was in session. An appeal trial. The convict was in a box and had his head down. It was a creepy feeling being the same room with a murderer! I aslo went to commerically related trial..I went to the court garden (and no it wasnt a real graden) it was an indoor garden had chaires/like a rest area for lawyers but indoors. I had fun, lots of fun there. Then my coworkers took me to lunch at this place which i forgat what it was called, and i had a good lunch, a good chat with my fellow coworkers!!Then it was time to get back to work. I finished all my tasks and was waiting for the final discussion of my week,my case, and everything and i did that with my surprivisor. Then it was time to head home, i said my goodbyes and thank yous and i was given the contact information of my fellow workers, the ones i spent most of my time with (D. Honey, J. Clanchy,S. Salimi-pour). Overall, my work experience was amazing. I will talk about my last day in London (in which i did the going all over the place tour)...but for now, my entry is long enough...Pics will be posted as soon as i get the phoner connecter!Thats an account of my work experience...The rest later:)


PH said...

HappyMoi you posted the same post three times :).

Anglo-Libyan said...

why did you stop? :o)
I really enjoyed reading your account of the London visit.

yes around Marble Arch/Oxford street/Edgware Road you will see a lot of arabs especially at this time of year.
so your experience of English lunches was not so good, never mind, English sandwitches are not known for being the best.

Maroush is one of the best lebanese places here, next time try Farooj Maroush, really nice grilled chicken with special sauce.

I am looking forward to the pictures and the rest of the visit.

Happymoi said...

yes i noticed loooooooool..i kept posting it and not seeing it so thats why i kept doing that and now it doesnt want to be deleted loooooooooool...i'll fix it:P thanks for ur comment:)

u know throughout my visit, i was being so attentive trying to see if i ever come across Amir or Aida, i dont know i had a feeling i'd see them some day, maybe next time:)
I stoped because i want to do my last day with pics. Plus i thought it was too long for everyone to read...im still waiting for the phone connector which may take a week for me to get back:( ooo dont remind me of food...lol...well i liked the lebenese restaurant,italian,and fast foods!Other than that ah nope!

Will post as soon as possible:)Thanks for comment:)!

PH said...

Glad you had so much fun, I just finished reading the post :), i couldn't agree with you more on your choice of restraunts. Did you know Maroush even has branches in Canadan in both Quebec and Ontario.


a_akak said...

LOL the area you stayed in is more or less like the gulf and i would agree lol and its good to see that you keep yourself busy :) or might i say too busy :) ............. As for Maroush, I was there last night with my coworkers and the food is good :)

I look forward to seeing the photographic skills of Happymoi :)

Fe Aman Allah

maiuna said...

you reminded me of my trip to London, we stayed in hotel near Edgware Road, and my first reaction is " Dad, are you sure we took the right plane to London, cuz it doesn't feel like it??".It's amazing how everything is written in Arabic and strange in the same time!!

looks like you had fun doing your internship ;) and waiting for your last day trip and pictures.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
What a great adventure. I cannot believe they still hold court wearing wigs. LOL That would be creeper than being in the courtroom with a murderer---maybe because I've already done that. :-P

Happymoi said...

Thank you all for your comments...and ibee --looooooool yes they still wear wigs..and the wear them in serious courts like the court of appeal...its may look commical but its actually there for historical reasons!!! Very interesting!!