Friday, August 24, 2007

Thoughts Dubai:)

Life is but a journey, that is so true. It passes by so quickly,it is as if time flys.Well is flying consdered fast? Its been 3 days for me here, and it really feels as if i have just arrived! I guess maybe thats why this analgoy exists. Every journey has a begining, and life too has a beegining. Ok whats goiing on happymoii? i dont know,im so relaxed,,i mean im typying from the comfort of my bed,looking stright aheead at thee tv plasma which functions as both a tv and a computer screen...anyways,the point is reflection time is best done during ones vacation...youu just blend having fun with relaxtion...ahh, my bed feels so ccomffortable, room service is good,no chores to be done, ahh whaat if our life wass like that all thee ttime? nah i wwouldnt wwant it to be so, u kknow why cuz i wwouldnt feel the joy of having time off i feel blessed,well i have alwas felt blessed,but someehow, wheen you aree on a vacation you always feel eeven moree so blessed...but u kknow whats weird? is that when i c the ppl serving us i keep thinking how do theyy feel? imeean them working on a hhotel theey can only dream of sleeping in,they can barely offored to live, let all think of a vacation....i keep aasking, does he/shee have kids? does he/she resent us?do they think its unfair that they are serving us? but then i tell myself that wee eeach have aa job in this world, and no onee iis far from being the server instead of the reciver of the while being served i shhouuld only treat the service ppl wwithe respect i wwouuld want to have if i ever eended up ddoing their job.....foor the maaintime...i sshall eenjoy dubai,my vacation homee for thee passt three yeears n every yyeear i come i experience the changes....its been awesomee so far,,,lots to do but wont rush to anythng...afteerall its my ttime off:)


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
Ahhhhhhhhhh the ponderings of life while on rest and relaxation.....perfect! I think it's during these times that we are able to get our brains to actually slow down and focus, thus allowing us the opportunity to reflect and feel blessed, alhamdullilah. Moreover, what better place than Dubai---LOVE THAT PLACE.

I can literally feel your relaxed state, alhamdullilah. I could feel myself also relax as I was reading your words, for it was a reminder to me as well to just be in the moment, inshallah.


dusk till dawn said...

ahllan Happymoi

as u know Dubai is a beautiful place, so see u so relaxing and feel stress free its a bouns ,enjoy ur lovely times hope each day is more exciting then the day B4 ,regarding the room service ppls we are in their hospitality they bring smiles on our faces,

DaMoon said...

i love u gurl, i don't have much to say except for enjoy it while u have it, ... i've become a lazy bum, i hardly lift a hotels life spoiled me big time, i need to get back to 'normal life' i think i am ready for that, ... yallah sweetie, take good care and see ya

a_akak said...








the main thinks i would comment about but i am in a rush so take care

fe aman allah

Lost-Libyan said...

hey girl...'sup? so still in Dubai?! any tips I ll be more than happy to help lol :)
I wish I can enjoy Dubai the way u tourists do....Dubai to me is always a college place and study oriented country! lol

Lebeeya said...

Ramadan Mubarak Happymoi to you and your family. I hope you are enjoying your time in Dubai. Let us know how you've been.

Happymoi said...

Thanks all for the msgs...

Lost Libyan: LOL get a nice hotel anywhere and it would still feel like a vacation even in ur home town!

The things is, its the first time in my life that i come bk from dubai feeling like i need another vacation as it was soooo crowded..god i hated the za7ma! (well except when i lived in it, i never felt it was a vacation place) but left it for 8 years then started coming during my holidays n it feels different!