Sunday, August 5, 2007

I had a blast!

(My gift to Damoon was da one above)
All i can say is Mashallah..Mashallah..Mashallah..
I'm speechless!!!
Damoon was gergous,beatuiful...mashallah...I wish all goes well for you today:P and for the many days,months and years to come:)

I had a blast:) I was at the hall( salah) first one,at around 8:45pm(yes im a maw3eed girl). I waited at the enterence for the girls but no one showed up so i decided to go inside and pick a table. I did that. Then Ema showed up, i was setting on my table and she was setting on hers (the table next to me) she looked at me, i looked at her, she had a feeling it was me,but didnt go any further. Piccolina came at around 10pm (girl you and your sis made me wait forever) she was our group collector!! She decided to phone me to make sure that i was me. Our conversation went as follows (Happymoi? are you wearing blue? me yes where are you? I'm right here,) tada..we met, hugged,kissed and finally a face to my dear bloggers...Romana was the last to pop up, she got lost on the way hehe..Ma3leshi sister,im glad we met............all of the bloggers i met i fell in love with,i still have to see Hibo,and that way i would have met all female blogegrs...Inshallah many more meetings to come, hibo,n lebeeya you too for sure inshallah...:):):):) im really looking forward to seeing everyone very soon inshallah:)
I did leave at around 11:10pm, i really wished i could stay more,but it was a deal i had with my bro, hes taking me,but coming to pick me up before 11:30pm. My mom tried to get him to give me more time but she didnt mannage, I saw 2 of my friends (amazing..alhamdullah i had a blast).. As i was leaving i saw 2 of my friends from med school, but i only got to say goodbye to them cuz i saw them when i was leaving. I saw my mom's friend who is my friend's mom...

I met Romana - I love you sweetheart,
I met piccolina- I love you sweetheart,
I met Maiuna-I love you sweetheart,
I met Ema-I love you sweetheart,
I met Damoon- Ofcourse, i did go to her and congratulate her in person me and romana:) Mashallah 3aleek habooba:)
I met Meral- Shes sooooooo cute mashallah,maybe maysoon has a pic of Meral. She looked adorable!
I met Romana's friend-I love you sweetheart
and ofcourse they met me:):):)
I saw Maysoon but didnt meet her as she was really busy with her sis

Lebeeya wasnt able to make it:( she really wanted to come,but something came up,

Overall, i had an amazing time:):):) Best wishes to you two, Damoon & Dastars


a_akak said...

I am happy for you that you had a good time and hope you will be able to meet up with the others :) and may these bloggs bring you more and closer friends

Digitally Yours

Fe Aman Allah

Weldemdina said...

I'm glad that you had a great time, and its great to meet people that you know but you don’t really know. It has a special feeling, at first I thought you knew each other before or you know what each looks like, that’s a real adventure to come to a wedding and to meet friends that you never met before woow.. more of this to come inshallah.

Happymoi said...

Digitally yours -haha halarious!

I knew how Piccolina,and Damoon looked from pics...the only girl i knew in person is Lebeeya as we have lived together awhile ago in the UAE.

Walahi it was amazing, i cant describe how it feels. It was heavenly feeling,it was a nice adventure with a happy ending:):)

PH said...

Well I'm glad you girls had a good time at last and got to meet .... you didn't mention the food by the way you shoul add a part two of the post with description of the food :P.


Anglo-Libyan said...

glad you enjoyed meeting the girls and that you had a nice evening, shame lebeeya couldnt make it.

Highlander said...

Thanks for updating us :) I was wondering how you would recognise each other . LOL@ 'are the one wearing a blue dress '. Sounds like James Bond movie to me :)

Happymoi said...

i wasnt there for dinner. I left before dinner. So maybe piccolina,Romana,Mauina would do that for you:)

it was wonderful,thanks for the comment:)

lol (we had each others numbers)so that was a big aid:) yup it was funny!the whole thing was funny..ppl were asking me are you her friend from the company, at first i say no just a friend, then i started saying yes..what am i gona say, we met each other on the net, and go through a long story eheh!

Romana said...

ohhhhhh i love u too!

its a shame that u couldnot stay any longer!

ema and i stayed last, we chatted, i love this girl....

maiuna and picco are just as lovely

i honestly felt bad that lebeeya couldnot make it! 7'sara...

:) we have to meet up again okie

piccolina said...

OMG happymoi i'm sorry but u know the thing my brother " bless him " didn't come on time so yu know i had to wait for him !! plz don't get me wrong i'm mawa3eed too ,so i'm sorry again :)

it was sooo great to meet you FINALLY :D lol .. i loved you :)

mm and Damoon !! no words to discribe her ..only mashallah !! and 3ogbalik inshallah :)


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
It sounds like an absolutely wonderful event. How exciting so many were able to meet each other. After reading your post, I never wanted to be in Libya more than right then to be with all the girls. :o)

Happymoi said...

I loved you too walahi:) it was awesome finally meeting up,and yes we should meet again,

I know i know, lol, you see i was 45 mintues late then the scheduled time of 8pm, but that was cuz i knew libyans dont start early, but still i made it relatively on time:P n about bros lol i know all about them!! eheh!!
I know, i wish you were able to come:) i have a feeling we'll meet up inshallah in the near future, when i visit USA i'll make sure we meet up, and if u come here do the same:)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,

Oh my goodness you cannot begin to know how excited I was when I read your words.

Yes, definitely we have to meet.

If I may also take this opportunity, I would love to extend the invitation to any of our blogging community to meet up should you ever be in my neighborhood. You are always welcome as you are family, alhamdullilah.