Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Random Pics from My London Trip :)Part I

Late? I know, but better late then --------!!! Enjoy:)

More later:)


piccolina said...

ohh now i really do miss london :(((

thanks for sharing :)

Lost-Libyan said...

good one, I love madame tussaud, they all look almost real and creepy somehow!!! :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

nice :o)

is that Edgware Road in the first picture?

Hiba said...

seems u got good time,
that is cool

u whave to wait till i post the new 4 photes,to guess with who i was Today??

a_akak said...

nice pic and the 1st one if edgeware road and the exact lace is close to marble arch :) as i should know where lol

its good to finally!!!! see some pic and hope to see more

Fe Aman Allah

Romana said...

hehhe loved the teddy bear on the harrods chair, its not a chair, wat is this type called, not a coach, not an armchair, help me out! lol what is it called?

lovely pics! wanna go there!

Richard said...

So nice pictures. I'm glad that you enjoyed your London trip. I'm also going to visit London in next month.
I read a lot about London and I always dreamed to visit this amazing city. I already booked in hotel room and want to rent a Limousine London for few hours and to have an excursion around the city. Also I want to have Themes boat trip, I suppose it really great.
I want to visit all famous London's sightseeing, such as the Big Bang, London Eye, Westminster Abbey and others.
Thanks for nice blog.