Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vacation Time (YAYAY)

I have been really busy lately...and today will be yet another busy day!!!

This past friday i was in a zarda,i.e picnic! I had a good time, and it was a change of the routine cuz instead of going with my dad's side of the family i went with my mom's side of the family. Sunday, i went to a gathering at my uncle's place, i had fun there and i met a friend whom i havent seen since i was in 8th grade. Yesterday, i had two of my university friends over,and i had a splendid time! Today, i have one of my friends coming over, and tomorrow i'm out of here! You read it right:)

YES.....UAE here i come:)

Goodbye tripoli for now, its our vacation time:) I'm so excited...I'm going to miss everyone im sure. I will try to blog from there if i got a chance. I just thought i let you all know so no one would be worried over my disapperance:P


PH said...

Timshi wa tiji belsalama and I hope you you have fun while you're there. Don't forget the pictures :P ... and thanks for keeping us informed :) .


Weldemdina said...

Safe trip and have a good time.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,

YIPPPPPIEEEE FOR YOU! Enjoy your time in UAE. How long will you be blessing the Emiraties with your presence? ;-)

Happy safe travels, inshallah.

dusk till dawn said...

have a happy great times in UAE its such a beautiful place full of excitement and shopping missed it a lot, try to go for a safari trip do not go out b4 6 in the evening its hot,come back as shaika hapymoi ha ha, as PH said send pics pls .

Anglo-Libyan said...

have a safe trip and inshaAllah you enjoy your time there :o)

piccolina said...

good luck and have fun

DaMoon said...

hey sweeeetttieeee!!!! UAE EH!!!! nice nice, enjoy ur vacation haboba and take lots and lots of pics, inshallah we'll hook up when I get back

Highlander said...

Enjoy your trip :)