Friday, August 10, 2007

Who did Happymoi meet?

Yesterday i woke up ealier then my usual very late wake up rotiune! I had lunch with family friends and friends from my canada days (it was like a get together between our Libyan friends living in canada,and those libyans who used to live in canada at our family friend's house). I felt that i was in canada for a day. As i expected i had a wonderful time, if i could i would have slept over:) It was so much fun. I met Maysoon's & Damoon's mom at this mutual friend of ours. She came after lunch though, and it was nice getting to see her. I spent my day there, well from dhur time to 9:30pm then it was time for us to be at grandma cuz it was "mawsem rajab", having such a traditional grandma meant we had to have dinner at her house along with everyone else, and so we spent the rest of the day there,then it was time to sleep, and we each headed home.

Meeting Meral's grandmother, kept me thinking --really what a small world afterall! Shes such a sweet women, and i really enjoyed being with her and everyone else. It was really out of this world spending time with people i thought of and still do as family, people who were part of my beloved past,and are still part of my present,and hope they will be part of my future as well. They were really family to me when i lived abraod,and when i saw them yesterdya its as if i saw my sisters who i havent seen for awhile. I had a wonderful time...I love this family friend of ours (the one who invited us) so much, and at her house i feel so part of it, i could if i want anything get up and go striaght to the kitchen and get it, although yesterday i didnt need to do that but we are that close. It was nice spending the day with them....


Anonymous said...

insh allah i see you happy everytime.


Anonymous said...

Happymoi,ask angloe-libyan 4 my email.he knew it.

a_akak said...

What a nice suprise, it is such a small world lol and in libya you always know some one/person who he/she knows lol

Keep up the good work :) and starti waking up early as the days are too short :P

Fe aman Allah

dusk till dawn said...

its nice feeling when u walk into a house and its full of happiness, u feel relax and u can go with the flow, to all have a fun a gossip remembering all the happy times u all shared, its just like adding exta spice into life,so u have recharged ur memories.and had gr8 chat to, u need to do it more often

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,

What a great day. I love walking into those places where I feel relaxed, comfortable and happy to be with the company I am with. :-)

I've missed Maysoon. If you happen to see, talk, chat, email, text or any other form of communication, please give her my regards. :o)

Alone in Tripoli said...

I totally know what you're talking about :)
It's really great that people can get so close to each other to the pont that they really feel like family.
God I miss my friends and family right now :(

No1-Honest Enough said...

Come on..Where Are you..?
i want to see ur update..