Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It is been 4 months!!!!

I have been away for four months. I have finally decided to blog again.

There are lots of things i want to say. I have been up to lots. But everything revloves around the same stuff i used to write about.

I have my law school degree. I'm in the process of being appointed at my university as a TA (Tutor Assitant) or mo3eda as is called in the Arabic language.

Since my graduation, i havent worked. The reason was i enrolled in a masters program here, but now i dropped out of the program because i have a scholarship to study abroad and it is finally being processed- el7amdala.

I had two scholarships, but finally decided to go with the Higher Education Commitee in Libya's Scholarship. It is better for me. As i plan to become a professor at my university inshallah. This works for me. I can't just do company work for the rest of my life. Company work is time consuming, and wont work for me in the long run. For me the long run is what matters. I want something i could really do. I know im very ambtious, and nothing seems enough but i dont want to make my life impossible. I want to fullfil my ambtions and at the same time not scarfice the happiness of those i love. I could choose to be workholic, i have lots of offers. But i opt for a balanced life style. It matters in the future when my fiance and i get married inshallah.

Back to what i was saying, the scholarship requires endless paper work. I have started, but im yet to reach the ending point. When i was just relived that im done getting the singatures from my professors for the refernce letters i need for the university i plan to attend, the dean tells me i cant have them in an offcial univeristy paper and that i'd have to ask my professors to switich them to white paper. It is only then that he would stamp them for me! So now i have to run like a headless chicken and try to locate all my professors again. That is a tough job, no one abroad would understand its toughness!!! Then my transcripts and my rank paper. OH boy..i went to get them, and after 3 months of them taking their time to retype them ,stamp them, sign them, i found that they are messed up. My grades were wrong, the typer was just no precise, and mixed up everything. I tried to keep myself calm when in reality i wanted to scream and cry. It is been so long, and the end result is this????? so i went to this nice employee and asked her to get my orginal grades out from the files stacks, and she did that and was shockecd how wrong it was. So now im waiting for my transcripts wa inshallah this time around their wont be any errors. My rank paper had a mistake in the percentage as well. So i'm back to point zero with my papers. It really makes me want to cry!!! If only the admission offices at the universities abroad understand how it is such a hassel to get anything here!!! I mean they keep asking for 2-3 transcripts 2-3 references, i dont blame them. But really we work our heads off just to take those papers. So the wait continues!!

Then came the decision of the country. First it was the UK. It suits me well. Its programs suits me well. But the higher education commitee decided to log the UK off. They made certain things tougher over there and so for now the UK is not on the list of countries in the scholarship list. So then, i decided on the USA. My homeland! So i have to apply there inshallah. I will apply to the UK as well and see what happens. Decisions in Libya are never final so the UK could open up. For now i have located a university that im interested in. I will do the academic English first, then enrol in the LLM program. That way i would have time to adjust to the routine of my former lifestyle and at the same time revise and get ready for the LLM.

If things worked out, and i got accepted. My fiance and i will tie the knot:D:D:D:D. So everyone pray for me that everything works out. Any advise, feel free to shout it out.

I have lots more to talk about, but for now i just wanted to get that out of my system. Hope you are all doing great.

I do miss you all tons.



NuNa said...

I will pray 4 u.

a_akak said...

Wow ... things are "business as usual" for happy :) its good to hear and may allah help you with all the paper stuff as it can get you down but dont

Its good to hear from you

Fe Aman Allah

khadijateri said...

I am pleased that your goal is to come back and teach after you finish your studies! Good luck to you. Don't let all the paperwork get you down... it will be smooth sailing for you later insha'allah!

Happymoi said...

NuNa - Thank you for your support! I need your prayers and everyone else's.

a_akak- they are indeed business as usual! it has been a tough process and i do hope things work out. I was trying to check your website, but found out that it is for invited readers only:(:(

Khadijateri- thank you for your comment. I have seen the uni system here, and i think i could make a difference. So i do hope everyting works out for me. The paper work is tough, because most employess do not know or respect deadlines! Every office i go to i have to say 'deadlines abroad are serious, please please please try to make the papers ready by this date'!!!

Enlightened Spirit said...

All of this will be over soon, don't worry just keep urself calm and be patient as u always do.
u reminded me of my similar experience


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,

Wonderful to see you blogging again.

From your writings, I can definitely feel the frustrations of your efforts trying to get everything accomplished accordingly. It is so darn difficult when others don't fall into line and cooperate with our agenda timelines----don't you agree. :0)

Keep you in my prayers.

Romana said...

I totally know what you're talking about!
only difference between us is that you went thru all this pain, i didnt!!!
they messed up my transcripts as well, but i just couldnt be bothered to go and get them straigthened out!!! I was so happy I was no longer stepping foot in that obnoxious place called Nasser University, that even them messing up my final percentage from an A to B didnt change my mind!!! university is such an experience here eh!!!

Allah ykoon fi 3oonek and get everything right this time!

and MABROUK again :)))