Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'll be on TV tonight =)

Today was my graduation ceremoney. A year ago was my actual graduation date. I'm a grad of 2008. Our law school didnt have a graduation ceremoney for so long. Our graduation marks the 20th year that our law school has been in session. So yay for us!!! =D =D

If you want to know who happymoi is, check the lebeya channel الليبية at 11pm. =) =) If my speech was shown, let me know what you was done in a hurry because i was notified the evening before. Enjoy!

For the record, my dad, my uncle S, my bro, my cousin T, my fiance, and my sister were present at the ceremoney. Mom couldnt make it because she is with my grandmother at the hospital. She did phone though.

Good step, law school! I wished it was done the same year, but i think it is a step in the right direction.


a_akak said...

Congrats and well done Happy :) I am sure you rocked it :)

I dont have arabic channels so I'll give my verdict now ... 10/10 but i am a bit bias :P

Its good to see you back on the blog

PS: I have closed my blog :( after the re-launch but someone is saving all my pictures and she is sending them back to me (I think she is my own stalker)

Fe Aman Allah

Romana said...

you must be so excitteedd!!!
I will so definetly check it out tonight :)

your family & finacee must've been so proud happy :)))