Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gaza, i feel sorrow for what the innocent civilians are going through:(:(

It is 2009. It is been 2 weeks into this new year.

I have not really done much. I have watched more news than i can handle. I feel sorry for all the innocent civilians in Gaza. Feeling sorry isnt enough i know,what are the right words to say? None. Period. I cant say i know what they are going through beacuse what they are going through is more than the worest situation i have been put on. So who am i to say words like i understand?!!! I'm not in a position to say such words. I just dont qualify.

I pray for them and they are in my thoughts all the time. When it comes to food ;everytime i eat something i feel so guilty because they are straving while im sitting at the comfort of my home safe, & sound. My heart is torn everytime i think about the suffering of the innocent civilians in Gaza . I feel guilty for carrying a normal routine, but Allah -God- knows too well how i feel deep inside. I do not feel happy at all. I cannot stop watching the news, hoping that maybe maybe there will be some breaking news about thing becoming better over there.

I read a diary for a Gazan named Mohammed Ali, describing the situation over there, and how horrific what they are going through, how everynight when he heads to sleep he says to his wife, good night my lover, see you in heavan....his words echo on my mind, and has been echoing all day today. I wish for the innocent civilians of Gaza to have peace, to have a normal life like everyone else in this planet. I say to Mohammed Ali, that even though we are living worlds apart but our hearts are torn about the situation in Gaza. Yes you, your family, and every Gazan deserve to have a normal-safe-secure life like everyone else. Keep your hope alife and i hope you earn the British council's scholarship - Keep Mohammed Ali's hope alife British Council, give him a chance to have a peace of mind, and the walk around the park he longed for.

Every human has the right to live in saftey and security. I shall blog again about me, but not right now, as this entry is devoted to the innocent civilians in Gaza.

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