Sunday, June 7, 2009

My beloved grandma undergoing a surgery right now:S:S

I'm writing this and my grandma is in the hopsital. She is undergoing a surgery at this moment. Many of you would think how senseless of me to set and right at this point in time. Well the answer is, i feel so scared. It was all a sudden thing. I was at my university doing my papers all of this morning. Then, i got back home to find my mom in tears. Dad wasnt back from his trip at the time of my arrival. My legs were shivering at the sight of my mom. The Libyan way is the whole truth of the situation is never told. So everytime something happens, i dont trust what i hear. I always feel that things are bigger than they sound. My mom was told that my grandmother will undergo surgery tomorrow. My sister and i told mom that we have a feeling it is today and that her bro didnt tell her just so she wont get worried. Right we were. It is today. It is right now as im typying this letter. Dad arrived, and we were all in tears when we first saw him, so we havent dealt right with the situation, i had to hold a grip and say that everything is alright, and that my grandma is fine. It is just that her leg hurted her abit and so shes undergoing surgery for it. We should have been stronger. It is not right the way we welcomed dad, but im sure he understands. Now dad and my bro went to the hopsital. They didnt take me with them. I want to go too. I don't feel ok at the moment. As i said i feel soooooooo scared. No one would understand. I just want to go see her. My fiance is there too. I just messgaged him and asked him to contact me right away when my grandma is out of the surgery room. If anyone reads this please please please pray for her. Pray that everything goes smoothly and that she will be fine.


Happymoi said...

I got to see my grandma. Alhamdullah she is out of the surgery and so far she is doing well. Pray for her.

a_akak said...

First & Foremost, Al-hamid lil-allah 3ala salamitha and may she get better soon

Personally i dont like the half truth crap as I think it creates a sense of mistrust (like what happened to you and your sister)

Be strong in these situations and there is no way we can shield ourselves or our loved ones so be strong

I hope she gets better soon

Fe Aman Allah

Romana said...

7amdella 3ala salamteha Happy!