Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just school related bllllllaaaaaaaaahs;)

Yesterday, i was shown on TV. I was giving the speech, but it was muted, and the channel had a person speaking about the event while showing my pictures. I didnt see it though, memebers of my extended family did. I was told it would be at 11pm, and when i didnt find it exactly on the time mentioned i just left the room to run few errands. So after i left, my uncles,cousins and dad told me that i was on TV. My lack of patience ahhhh!! lol...well i just didnt feel like waiting, and i was like oh well i was there.

Life has been going alright lately. I'm very happy that i have dropped out of the masters program here. It was hectic for me. I wasnt comfortable with some of the professors, and it was so hard getting resources as our university lacks good libararies. My parents were telling me that i would put my self in a tough position as i wont find material to do my research etc...but being hard minded if i may say, i had to enrol. I found out that they were right. I made the descion of dropping out after the scholarship became official. So i hope things do work out. The plan is to go in Jan2010 if i got accepted. So inshallah khair. I don't know what is in store for me. I sure pray that i will get to study abroad. I really want to get my masters done. I do love school. I love learning in general. I know it is not always easy, and sometimes i do wish i was free to do other things, but at the end, school means alot to me. So yes i want to do my masters. Yes i want if life allows me to do my Phd too. Pray for me everyone. I guess i have lots set up for myself and the happiest moment for me would be when i achieve those goals. Stay tunned;)

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Weldemdina said...

There is always next time inchallah, and take it as it comes, my best wishes .