Thursday, July 17, 2008

My desired destination is.............

My name is Happymoi,
and i need a vacationnnnnnnnnnnnnnn(*)

I want to go to Egypt so badly. It is my desired destination right now.
You might wonder, have i ever been there? and why i want to go so badly?
yes, i have been there twice, once i was a sixth grader and it was a tranist stop (stayed for a night or two). Another time was in 2005 (for 3 days) for my friend's wedding.
The year 2008 inshallah would be my third inshallah inshallah..
i really have to go for my very very very close friend's wedding. I was supposed to go there this summer and stay for two months(july et aug), then all of a sudden plans changed,without my consent:(:(
Now all i want is to go for a 3-4 days(see im sacrficing here). All i want to do is attend the wedding.
I know i would be so sad if i didnt go. Its my very very very (billion very) close friend. I need company, i cant go alone.
I asked my bro to take the trip with me. I tried telling him: you will get to be at the wedding bro, you are invited too...i told him that we could leave after work on wednesday so he wont lose the would only be thursday off work, friday is the libyan weekend, and saturday he could take off work or we could go back on friday..all i want is to be there on i asking for too much?!! (just two days off work max) i even offored compensation as soon as i start working if my very nice brother said yes, i'd have to talk to my parents and get their yes too, dad would say: im too busy to tag along if you convince someone to go with you-i.e ur bro i dont mind! or so i think his words would be....
if my bro said no i'd be soooo disappointed and i'd have to try convincing dad to go with me...i'd say: dad only for 3 days plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
after that it would be my going to try every possible way, cuz i really really really really want to go...
Just needed to let that out.
i'm still waiting for my results, my friend said they are expected today,, so here im waiting and thinking about Egypt, and how nice it would be if i end up going...I miss my friend. Havent seen her since 2005...

P.S tried to load a pic but it aint working..a symbol of Egypt==Pyrmids:D

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