Friday, September 19, 2008

Sympathy,my parents,road exam,a mini mall in Tripoli

My deepest Sympathy
-To my dear blogger Ibee, im very sorry for your loss. I must say, that your mother seems like a wonderful person. I'm glad your relationship with her is great. I ask you to be pateint through this tough time. Take good care of yourself and be there for your family. I know im late but i havent had a chance to browse around the blogs, and i just did so today. So please accept my deepest sympaties. Hugs.-
Missing my parents
Ramadan is close to being over...
Things have been going alright at my end...though i miss my parents sooooo badly. So far no chance of them coming the first two days of Eid and that is making me soooooo upset. I cant stand spending Eid without my parents. I remember last time when dad was away no one bothered to wake me up in the morning and i missed all the morning fun:(:( plus when my parents arent around i cant feel the joy of Eid. I hope that somehow a mircal happens and that they get two seats and come...i really really miss them and everytime i remember they wont be here for Eid i feel sooooo saddddd.
Passing the Drivers Road Test
I did my drivers exam and passed on the 6th of September. Now i have to take my papers to get my license, and im waiting for my friend to announce the day shes going to take her papers so we could go together. I'm glad this step is done and over with-the exam step. My plan now is to go on training again to get used to roads and the car. That i'll start doing as soon as i get my license in my hand.
Eid Shopping
I really hate shopping. I have only gone out shopping 3 times ( twice with my cousins, and once with my aunt) and i was only able to get a blouse. The thing is i have decided that i wont be going to shop again anytime soon. My mom will be sending me an outfit from abroad for the first day of Eid. The second day of Eid i got a nice blouse from my shopping trips. The rest of my shopping my sister will do for me. I really cant stand going out and shopping. I dont like the crowd, and i found nothing worth going out for. Oh i must mention that a mini-mall opened in Libya. Called Al Mahari Mall. And it even has paryer areas for ladies/men. It has H&M, United Colours, nafnaf, Sanayra, Al Khaye7', Traeesh for shoes & bags...umm what else?!!Grocries and Sweets, Al shajara food court, Chicken Cottage food court, umm i know i havent mentioned everything but it is a good step toward improving the shopping experience. So lets see what becomes of this mall.

Thats about the latest. Talk to you all laters.


a_akak said...

Its good to hear from you

It is a sad time for IBEE and our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family

I feel for you as Eid by yourself without family is not Eid (as i exoerienced last Eid when i was not allowed to take leave from the company) and I prey for your parents safe return and on time

Masha allah you passed it 1st time? or did you do it the "Libya Way" :P anyway i think i should start thinking of getting myself one as well as i have been drivimg all these years without one

Eid shopping is just crazy and people loose their minds but it is an experience unlike anything else unless you count stampeed

Take Care

Fe Aman Allah

LoveLyH said...

اها صار رجعتي زي ماقلتلكيلي

رجوع موفق