Monday, May 19, 2008

Urgent : Happymoi found after BLOG COMA:P

I havent been away from my blog this long before!! I know that!!
I dont know if it was writters block or im not blogging on purpose!! I can't say i dont have time, what i can say is that i havent made time to set and blog.

I have been doing well. Life is been going well for me. Right now, is that stressful time of the six days away from my first final exam....its my last year of law school and no matter how much i say im stressed im downplaying it!!

I have two sides within me: one saying dont worry!!! the other saying : you have every reason to worry...and im ...closer to the latter!!

I have finals from May25th until June15. I really cant wait until its 3:30pm June15. That would be a day to remember!!!

I just wanted to say that im alife and well, although stressed but doing fine!! I have been reading some of your blogs ...and i miss you all tons! will be back inshallah soon!

P.S: Akak: Thank you for your endless support and ever lasting barakat pills =D

Excuse me: Off topic yet MAIN AND SUPER SIGNIFICANT!
i got a phone call from the UK ...It was my dear brother...He got 81% on his graduation project worth 30 credits...Im so proud of him! We are all so proud of him! He has finals so make duaa for him...and dont forget to include me in too!


a_akak said...

Good Luck with your exams and may allah look over you and help you during these hard times and may allah guide you in whatever path you take

As for blogging, it has been quite all over so dont worry :) and mabrook to ur brother

PS: more Barkaat pills always available

Fe aman allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
Welcome back from coma. Sure you want to come out with final exams just peaking their heads around the corner? I have no doubt you'll do well. Your stress level alone shows you have an interest and desire to do well. Congratulations to your brother on doing so well. Good luck on your exams will be praying for you.

ASMA said...


Highlander said...

Good luck in exams and no don't worry about the blogging we are all in the same boat!

PS sorry if this comment comes up more than once - had trouble with blogger today.

LoveLyH said...

Good luck in exams
and mabrok 4 ur brother..:)

WEDA said...

good luck.4u 2 and congragulations 4 ur brother and as alibyans we r all proud of his marks.............

Crowded Mind said...

ensha Allah you'll never be in a coma
We know all that you're a smart girl and you can do it
congratulation for your brother
and 3ogbalik happymoi

fe aman Allah