Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I can sleep for a week *sigh*

Today, i wrote my last midterm. What a relief it is to be done. I can sleep for a week! I havent had a peaceful sleep since exams started, so now is my time to do so, at least until i get my grades,then the "being worried" cycle will return and my prep for finals will be underway! I really hate thinking about grades. I'm so afriad of not being top student, and that fear has accompanied me since i started law school and this year its even more so...It is just that i have been top student for 3 years now *mashallah*, and i would hate to lose it at the end so that why im stressing out. I feel no one understands me...most students talk about passing, and for me passing isnt enough, i wish it was satisfactory for me but no it isnt...if my grade isnt up to the standered i would be in a bad mood, sad and all...and all the time i ask myself why cant i be like everyone else and just chill....if you see me walking you would think i dont give a damn about school cuz of my super outgoing persona and no nerdy look... but if you are around me around exam times oh boy you would think i have nothing else in my life but exams....i feel so bitter and beaten when i dont do well,, the thing is my parents arent demanding, but im very demanding of myself... why do you think this is so?!!!! i fail to understand!!
I was hoping i would travel, but things didnt work as planned! My parents are traveling on Sunday and leaving me behind:(:(:( ......yallah inshallah yemsho wa ejoo besalama (L) ...ed3oli, it is my last year and i really dont want to mess up! i miss you all so much! akak-your barakat pills are much needed:P


a_akak said...

I am very happy for happy for being happy and relived

I am sure you will do well "insha allah" and just dont over stress yourself and stress causes winkles (or so i hear) :P ,anyway, as for the "Barakkat", you know as well as i do that you have them in advanced from me and i pray that you feel better when on the notice board you see your name and the "#1" :D

Take care and sleep :)

Fe Aman Allah

DaMoon said...

lol ahmed is alwayz number 1 commentorrr, sheno hada, shaklah ma3ndash shay shaghlah :p jk bro
well dear happy moi, inshallah benaja7 o tekmel hadi esana 3li kheer o twali mo7amiya gad edniya, just sa3dina lawo i7tajnalik :p

Living Away said...

is grade that important, really? i mean, i always thought and i truly believe that grade doesn't measure any knowledge and i'm always pro-knowledge!

when i was in law school i kept my principles of getting as much knowledge as i could, without caring about grades at all. i used to read far beyond the recommended bibliography with pleasure but always focusing in knowledge never on grades!

conclusion: i had always the outsider point of view and my professors were always wanting to know what my thoughts were toward any case.
when i quited law and started art history school i was told that my classmates were relieved because i had many very good jobs offers!
so, i really don't get this grade thing!

i hope you can get this stress out and some sleep in and get some joy instead. in the end it is really what matters!

take care dear!