Saturday, March 29, 2008

What a day =D

Yesterday i had a wonderful day....
It all started with me noticing my phone was around 7am..i opened my eyes and found FA was calling me.
FA: Alooooooo
Me:zzzzzzz *aloooo* zzzzzzzzzz
FA: Wake up we are going
Me: Huh?
FA: Didnt you wanna go
Me: (mentally) "dont wake up dont wake up dont wake up"
I ignored my mental msg and got ready in a flash, i found my cousins(dad's side of the family) were all waiting with their beakfast baskets, i asked my sis to grab money *which we didnt use* with her and we all headed to our farm. The weather was nice in the morning, there was abit of a breeze, but we had an amazing time. Sitting by the pool, and around the green grass was soooooo refreshing, i really wished the weather was warm enough for me to jump in the around 11am we headed home all cheery and day didnt end there, i got home tried to sleep abit, couldnt so i thought i'll get myself ready for the evening, i skipped lunch cuz i was full from breakfast and prepared myself to head out, since my exams were over i decided to catch up with my two cousins from mom's side of the family......and boy we had lots to catch up on....
i asked dad to drive me and my sis to my aunt's place and i found my two cousins waiting for our arrival...we sat together talked, laughed and stuffed ourself with food(cakes,chips,chocolate cookies,Kustard &Jelloo,Juice,Chocolates of asorted varities and cappacinoo and the list goes on)...i was telling my cousin when her dad brought us Mo'men that she shouldnt have fed us all the above stuff..cuz i was too full for my crispy chicken sandwich and decided to share one with my cousin since we were all so was a gr8 day alhamdullah...we ended the day by dad/mom picking us up...and stopping at a grocey store in the way...i reached home so exahusted but still managed to go online and chat with my friends...then i had my much needed peaceful sleep...i was hoping i'd go on a breakfast picnic today too, but as they say not every day is a picnic =D
*Hope you all are having a great time*


a_akak said...

:D That is the happy that we know :)

It is such a great feeling to read that you are enjoying yourself after those grilling exams as they take out of us

I have been told that the weather is very good these days in Libya? and it seems you are making the most of the weather unlike here as it is raining and cold :(

be careful you don’t get a "Sweet's Overdose" after all those sweets and no wonder you couldnt eat :)

It good to see more updates from u :)

Fe aman allah

DaMoon said...

wat an eventful day mashallah....good to hear u had fun :o)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
WOW---What a day indeed! I love those types of days. Congratulations on getting your exams out of the way and for allowing yourself to have a good time.

Lebeeya said...

I could tell from the 'tone' of your typing how much you really needed some time off and I'm glad you had a great day! I heard the weather in Libya is beautiful now.

Mabrook for finishing your last midterm. All the best!