Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lazy happy is back

Wow. It is 2008. I havent written in my blog since year 2007! Really wow.
I have been:
2. Busy with school
3.Busy with this new
It is a libyan website started with my law professor: Dr. Faiza El Basha. The fourm is in Arabic. You may have an English entry if you wish but please respect the site and its rules.
As you all know this is my last year of law school. I'm worried about it and here is why: i feel that the material is alot lighter then last year, and somehow im finding it abit easier. I get scared when i feel that the material is easy. Well, the exams wont be easy: thats for sure. We have been getting this warning since the start of the school year. "folks, study hard, the exams wont have any direct questions" ....why do they have to scare us?!! I'm hoping i would dp well this year inshallah. I really want to get a high average. Our midterms will take place March 3rd and our holiday will does sound like alot of time, but when it comes to law school its never too late to prepare..and time is always short! So ed3oli.
I was hoping my exams would be in Feburary because i really wanted to travel abroad to my friend's wedding. I havent even asked my parents if i could go to my friend's wedding and i was planning to soon but with the exams being in March i have lost any chance of actually being there......
What else is happening?
I have the flu. Lately i have been getting it lots. Whenever a person gets it i'm right after. I'm such a sad case. I guess my immune system is really weak! I had to stay away from school for a day. Then i got better and started going. I have been dealing with strong headaches beacuse of the flu. I have never taken that many headache pills like i did when the flu first started. Alhamdullah i'm doing much better now.
I miss my brother so badly. I have tried to contact him but with no luck. He has exams now all the way in Pourtsmouth,UK. I really really miss him. I cant wait until his exams are over. I'm serious. Make duaa that he does well everyone. I have been thinking lots about him lately. I have always been but before i used to get hold of him easily now its so hard with exams!
What else?
My parents will be traveling today or i dont know when depending on when dad finsihed his must dos here. i'm gonna miss them for sure.
I also miss all of you my dear bloggers but forgive my absence.
As for Jaraba, i havent seen it, and dont plan to anytime soon. So really i have no comment or maybe i prefer to keep it to myself.
As for Gaza: my heart is really torn for the innoccent. The sick kid's images are nothing but a true sad reality of where humanity has gone. I will end with what a 14 year old girl(who is sufferng form liver faulier and her medciene is finished) form Gaza said " i hear ten people has died and all i say to my siblings i will be number eleven" since i have seen her on TV, her image hasnt left me at all.


DaMoon said...

sweet happymoi, salamtik alf salama and wallahi mushta2een, kherek sheno sarlik, don't stress urself that much over school, cuz mashallah 3leek gdha o gdood...o inshallah ur brother passes all his exam and comes back for a nice long vacation ....
m3ash tghatsi halba u know that we miss u :o) at least i do :p
take care and laterz

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
Hmmmmmmmmmm, lazy doesn't come to mind when I think of you. Hard working, yes. May your brother pass his exams with flying colors, inshallah. Moreover, may he get home to you quickly so your broken heart heals from missing him so. Good luck with your own exams.

a_akak said...

you dont give yourself enough credit as you are stronger than what you believe. Exams & Stress dont need to be hand in hand and always think this "Exams are apart of life but life is not only exams" and take things easy and when you feel stressed listen to some Quaran and pray 2 rak3at.

Life doesnt always go the way we want it, but thats the beauty of life as nothing is predictable.

You have been lazy with your blog and for that i am upset as your blog has a special place between all the blogs

I must admit you are getting the cold/flu alot and i hope you will get better soon

Fe Aman Allah

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