Sunday, April 17, 2011

My heart is broken for Libya

I have not written in my blog for so long and here i'm writing again.

I have so much to share. The starting point of my blog is my dear country Libya. Oh Libya, i think of you and my eyes are full of tears. I had a plan to visit during April since i moved to the UK. Sadly enough, the situation now is not suitable for making such a trip.

I watch the news and my heart is full of pain. I feel everything inside of me is broken to pieces. So many people are dying. Libya is famous now, everyone knows of it, everyone. It is the tragic situation that made it so well known. I wish things were different. I wake up every morning thinking about Libya. I wake up every morning wishing things were different.

I'm really really sad about whats going on. I try to keep a normal routine for the sake of my sanity. It is very hard, but i'm trying my best. I have my exams coming up towards the end of May, i'm no where near prepared, but i'm going to try my best to catch up, it won't be easy, but i will try. It is so hard to focus with all that is going on. I hope that Libya will shine soon.

I miss it there so much. I was supposed to be there this April for a visit :(:( It was supposed to be my brother's wedding. All that is now not possible.

Inshallah things will get better soon, ya rab.

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DSK said...

awww! :'( I didn't know you were supposed to go there at this time! I can't even imagine how hard this is for you right now!!! Ya Allah! InshaAllah this ends well and fast ya Rab! InshaAllah Libya gets its well-earned freedom soon ya Rab and Gadafi gets his well-earned punishment now before the hereafter! Ameen!