Sunday, April 17, 2011

Momy to be inshallah

I have decided that this evening i will set and spend sometime writing on my blog. As i said in my previous post that i have so much to share. Really! I know i should have written earlier but i keep postponing this task that now it is sooo long overdue, and probably not the right time. Still, i just feel the need to write away.

My picture maybe a little ahead from what i want to share but i liked it and thought this will be it.

So what is it that i want to say?

Happymoi is expecting her first child inshallah (yes, ME). It is a very exciting time for me and my husband- Alhamdullah. We both wished that things were better and that our happiness was complete by the well being of Libya and Libyans. Inshallah we are hopeful that things will get better before the arrival of our first child inshallah. It is only then will such a joyous occasion be complete.

My due date is inshallah towards the end of July. It will be in the midst of me writing my dissertation to get my masters degree inshallah. So it will be a very very very busy time. I hope though that things work out in the end.

We really really cant wait, although we know ahead of time that it will be veryyyyyy challenging especially with our schedules at the current time. Bes inshallah khair.

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DSK said...

mashaAllah!! :D You can't believe how happy I was for you guys when you first told me!! And reading this post am happy all over again! MashaAllah <3
InshaAllah it goes well for you dearest, and Allah ysahelha 3aleke with the birth and your studies ya Rab!