Friday, April 30, 2010

Wedding talk....and latest.

It is been awhile since i last wrote here, i guess time has come for me to blog again. There is so much to share.
Last time i wrote i had nothing in order for my wedding, no reservation, no shopping, no nothing, things changed now. I have two months left to be exact inshallah. Imagine Happymoi is getting married in 2 months, that is really too much to come into grasp with. haha. I don't know why but it doesn't seem to be digging in. My marriage contract might be done anytime now because i have to complete my papers for our travel to the UK inshallah. I can't say that i have started to think deeply about anything, everything is still normal at my end. I'm excited about the new stage, but must say im also apprehensive....but nothing has gotten me ...I'm just enjoying my days and trying to do my current job to the best of my ability before im due to leave it for travel/study.
My shopping is done ( well there is no such a thing as done shopping but i have compeleted all the necessary stuff with very very few things left). My shopping has been done into two stages. Stage one was in March. My mom was in UAE and she did all the major shopping for me, she even got my wedding gown:):):):) :D:D:D, my dad wanted me to go from the first stage, but mom wasnt in favour of this idea as im not a fan of shopping and i tend to slow things and she wanted to be able to do things fast. So in the first stage of shopping i wasnt there. During April, i took sometime off work and headed to UAE to finish off the shopping and i did lots of shopping, and i gave my mom such a hard time by wanting to rest every few steps i take. I don't like shopping, that is me and there is nothing to change it. So it was very very hard for me to get the rest of my shopping done, and although at the start of the day im fresh and i enjoy the few steps i take, but sooner than the word soon itself i get sick of shopping, and just want to set in a cafe, or set in any chair i locate- most of my time was spent scanning for chairs <3.>
I still dont get where Libyans got the get everything from scratch, and do lots of shopping (do malls/shopping centers) disappear once one gets married? i can understand in the old days how it was, bs now you are married today, tmw you can go to the mall if you want to. So i think its silly, and the rules of how to dress up and what not, i also dont get and most likely will stay away from for as long as i can - lol knowing how hard it is, and how hard many will nag over my head :S:S:S starting from dark makeup ( which i totaly disagree with) to highheels and whatever else.....It may be interesting to read, but hard to do. I can't live with do this do that do this do that...will try my best to accomadate but cant over do it....
I think that shopping should be very basic, and then it could be done gradually over a period of time. Bs what can i do, it is done and that is how things are at the moment.
Wedding invitation cards- so far i'm not planning on doing them, i'm going to opt for phone calls instead. My friends are scattered everywhere and i'd need to hire a driver to deliver them, so im saving my self the hassel of that and just going to phone my friends as time gets closer inshallah...and im not doing a picture slide show either, i gave it a thought but felt that it is not necessary......
What else? I can't think of anything at the moment. Any thoughts? sugesstions?


a_akak said...

Happy is happy ...

Well weddings here in Libya are simply put "A Hassle" and in my opinion a waste of money that can be spent in other thing but as you are a lawyer i have to add "in my own opinion and my opinion does not effect any future dealings :P"


Would life be much easier if the wedding was done in a simple manner without all the complex small things? I mean I am learning new things everyday and as my mom is not in Libya it means I am doing everything (i will put in in another way "They think i am")

Good luck with ur work, study, life and wedding and I wish you all the best BUT one thing I will tell you "dont stress ur self and take a lot of chill pills"

PS: Keep blogging!!!

Fe Aman Allah

piccolina said...

crazy shopping is silly ...i only bought what i liked and what i thought i wil nedd for the first few months and there u go .. i shop whenever i need or like something !

about the do this and that i'm a big HATER for that but i did it .. only for the sake of my mom and his mom .. u know they r too nice with u so u wanna be nice with them in their way !

don't worry about it, it'll be at the beginning only them u'll be free to do whatever u want ^_^