Friday, October 5, 2007

A not so "Fal7ah" turning into one for a DAY:P

I have always thought of myself as a typical libyan girl! I still do, but reality seems to be contradicting my thoughts!

Ok, you are losing the point. What im trying to say is that, almost every libyan girl i know knows how to cook by the 5th grade if not any ealier. For me, i'm garding this year and i can barely fry an egg! now here is where the word "ma3kola" comes into play! Yes it is possible!!

well well mom is not very demanding of me or us for the matter. If we feel like cooking so be it, if not then so what. I was never a kitchen person. I was never this or that. Basically, im no house wife ...

Then again, even libyan girls who dont know how to cook rarely admit it. Their moms would be bragging about how fal7ahat their daughters are when in reality it doesnt have to be true. They call it "sell'm method". Ok whatever!

I guess im so used to the use the kettle, boil the water, get ur lipton tea bag ready...yes tea is all set ppl. just pour the water, add suger to ur liking and as many tea bags as you wish..thats what i call a freedom to drink the tea the way you like it..if i cook it and serve it then you have no say..and im a very democratic person...if your hungry, feel free to make your own sandwich! you know your way by now....yeah...thats the way i'm...which really doesnt suite the community im living will i ever survive with a house of my own?! ouch!!

Back to what i was saying. So what got me in the kitchen today? with no one asking me to? i'll be honest. Yesterday, my brother who is in grade 8 decided to make a cake! yeah what has the world come into? im not too sure. I mean what has gotten into my brother's head? so he made a chocolate cake, using the ready mix under the suprevsion of my eldest sister. Now my guy cousins were too busy to nag at me about it yesterday "thank god" i decided to save "my face" and make a chocolate cheese cake, yes i made it right from scratch. Its all ready. I'm only waiting for the house gardner to get me Nutella, so i could place it on top of my cheese cake which is in the fridge cooling down! I actually got off bed around 12:30pm horray for me! Stop rolling your eyes. Thats an accomplishment. I mean i wake up later then that usually. Ok now you are getting me alright and thanks for celeberating the moment...this waking up system is only on Ramadan. But soon, i'll get back to my 6am rise hour!

So finally, i made something besides hot chocolate on Ramadan. My cousins are already starting to do "bo7oor" to ward of the evil eye! haha!!
Thats a glimpse of things at my end! Hope everyone is doing well. Please remember me in your prayers as it is the last week of this month! I will not forget you all in my prayers.
Last but not least: :) b-day bro (gr.8) as it was his b-day yesterday! May Allah guide him, and protect him bro......


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
Happy Birthday to 8th grade brother, alhamdullilah. May Allah bless him always. So did he make his own birthday? :-)

How did everyone like your chocolate cheesecake?

You know my mom is the same way. She grew up in a generation where they only thing women did was cook, clean house and sew, which she doesn't do any of those well at When she and my dad met it was a shock to learn she couldn't cook or sew as my father's mom was, of course the best, but my mom could dismantle a motor in a car and put it back together. lol

So, I say do what you are good at and careless about the other stuff. Everyone has their talents. ;-)

DaMoon said... u r so funny, good for u!!! cheesecake ha!!! u should take a pic and type up da recipe gurl, spread da
well, as for me, never wanted to be near da kitchen, I was put in a situation where I had to cook, stuck in Canada with my younger brothers, only with a recipe book my mom wrote for me, soooooo, to my surpise I eneded up loving cooking, i think it's da only talent i if u want to consider cooking as a talent, so don't worry, life takes funny
i feel like cheese cake now! my boss makes da bomb ass cheese cake and he won't give me da wat's wrong with everyone not wanting to spread da love!!!!!

a_akak said...

fal7a or not fal7a does not matter but what matters is what the intiontions are as "fla7a" can be obtained and for most people its whats in the heart that makes all the difference

I know what you mean by mothers selling their daughters "fla7a" as it has been directed towards me from my mothers friend who has daughters and she was telling me "ooooh XXXXXX does XXXXXX so well" lol

Fe Aman Allah

3abtash said...

hey happymoi...well u say that u know me and alfantazi'z...ivee been thinking of a million people and i just cant get who u r...ahh..well ya happymoi...give me a clue as to who u r...plzzzzz

Maya said...

Happy birthday to your brother
I was like you Hate kitchen so sos sososo much but this Ramadan I started to make some cakes nothing more one of them Cheesecake by the way
how did you put the Nutella ?
I'm making it since Ramadan but I'm putting Jel on it
So please tell me how to try on yours if you don't mind
fe aman Allah