Thursday, October 25, 2007

Libyan Day of Mourning

Libyan Day of Mourning:

In commemoration of the Libyan Day of Mourning, the Goverment of Libya has decreed that on Friday, October 26, internet and international phone calls will be cut off nationwide form 6am to 6pm. All Libyan Airline flights are cancelled,although other international airline travel may be permitted. International and national ground and marine travel operated by Goverment of Libya-owned companies are also cancelled. The Day of Mourning commermorates the expulsion by Italy 1911 of a number of Libyans.

P.S: Refrence: I got this msg from the American Embassy In Libya.


a_akak said...

life should go on "no matter what" as people still need to live

PS: I am za3lan mink :( you have stopped responding to the comments

Fe Aman Allah

Happymoi said...

kul shai ela za3lek:-)
i admit im lazy,but i will get back soon! i will respond to each of the comments you left me, so no worrys:-)
Happy now? hope so!

a_akak said...

dont worry, i am also sorry for being lazy

I look forward to seeing more from you

Fe Aman Allah