Saturday, September 29, 2007

Choco & Me


I know what you are thinking! Forgive me please for posting this cake but i must. My little sister, yes my litte sister made a chocolate cake. She woke up so early and made it, and its in the frige, why did i have to check on the frige? Now i cant wait for magrib. I'm not very patient to start with. I act like a little kid: mom when is magrib? amta al magrib? Then my sister added to that by making this chocolate cake so early in the morning.

I woke up 1pm and the smell of the chocolate cake is sweeping through the house. I had to go back to sleep or something would happen to me. Chocolate cake isnt just the only reason. For some reason i dont feel too well today & im not sick or anything. I feel so dizzy. I dont feel hungry but i feel dizzy. Now im better,but i feel that my head is so heavy.

Yesterday, i went to my grandma's house, i had a blast. I just love visiting my grandma. She was so thrilled to see me & my siblings. I love you granny! I also saw my aunt there which was nice.

I miss my brother tons. Two days ago we had an online webcam talk and i could see tears in his eyes. Walahi i miss him halba/wajed! We all miss you bro. We talked about you at granny. We are just not used to parting with each other. Dont worry bro, we'll visit you inshallah soon. You just foucs on your school, and take good care of yourself. Cousin S will be joing him soon. So hopfully that will make things easier for my bro.

Hope you all are having a blast!


Maya said...

Nice cake It looks delicious

Sorry for being lonely without your brother but you know this is our life we have to be strong in it and to face every thing.
and you tease me when you're saying that I went to Grandma well I miss them 1000KM btween us

There's nothing I can to do only I can pick up my phone and gossip with them and with dadi
How hard life is it
specially you feel the hardest time only in Ramadan .

Any way Happy Ramdan for you and your family all

fe aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,

Well that's just cruel and unusual punishment on your little sis's part....LOL YUUMMM! I can only imagine that wonderfully warm chocolate smell in the house. It's a wonder you didn't run out the door screaming like a crazy

I'm so excited you were able to see your grandmother, alhamdullilah. Grandparents are the absolutely best, alhamdullilah.

Oh, I can't imagine how you must have felt seeing your brother with tears in his eyes. :-( Transitions can be sadly fun....excited for the new adventure, but sad for leaving the other one behind.

DaMoon said...

LOL it's ok to look at da pic after iftar, I was screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO when I saw it before iftar, u gurl! wat were u thinking posting it fe rumdan! sigh! glad to hear about ur news, and yallah feze nodi bla kasal o shamri 3li dr3anik o 3awni umok! ma t7ashmteesh tgoli ur younger sister made chocolate cake!!!!! gee! ane bro7i mana3rfish ndirha! and I feel i am yapping, i ate too much, I made pizza for da first time in moi turned out good gher tetfatrish shwyia

a_akak said...

i dont know why, i am not much of a sweat tooth as i dont care much about sweets or sweat things

R U ok? as u have wrote more than once that u were dizzy?

I am sure ur bro will be fine and insha allah he will succeed in his life

Fe Aman Allah

Happymoi said...

welcome to my blog, the pic of the cake isnt the real cake, it a pic i got online!

Inshallah you join ur loved ones soon sweetie!

my one and only,
lol i was definately cruel and unusual!

Damoonti: amta u will many times i teach u how to cook pizza..sheno hada!
lol i know i should make something,u know an easy way to make a chocolate cake is buy the ready mix..u know the one u just have to add eggs and milk always turns out perfect! sa7 i should really help around..the thing is we eat at grandma..they have enough hands helping they dont need me!

im not much of a sweet tooth either..but when it comes to chocolate cake ma3endeesh ma3aha ro7!! dont worry im 100% well n healthy..dizziness is just from lack of sleep or excess thereof!loooooooool..thanks for the well wishes!

MaySoon said...

hemm Choco & me.. not a very good relation but that pic looks yummy!

I wish that I wake up at 11 or even I'll be nice if I wake up at 9! 7asdatek :op

I wish your bro best of luck with his school... when my youngest bro left to Toronto for college.. Mom said "a7'er 3asfoor 6ar".. and apparently your bro is the first 3asfoor :o).. inshallah you guys will be fine.. wish you all the best :o)