Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our Ramadan,my laziness and story of survival:P

I have become sooooooooo lazy! I need school to get my act together hehe! Well not really. I really dont want school to start yet. Not in Ramadan for sure. I need my hours of sleep,my time to read Quran, and sleep again.I need the stress free time! Good news: i'm getting all that cuz my school wont start until after Eid. Thats the way law school is. THANK GOD!

My family during Ramadan isnt like any other and i mean it! We dont go out at all (well almost never). We dont stay up late either. We pray Trwawee7 all together at home, and sleep right after. I dont really sleep right after but the mood at home is just quiet and sleepy. No visitors, at least none so far! People just know our routine and think we are soo not normal! I dont blame them. Today my cousin from mom's side was supposed to come, but she text me early this morning saying she cant make it. The night before she phoned(i asked her to come & insisted-i miss her) and shes like happymoi: are you sure i can come cuz u know my parents wont come back to pick me up until like 1,1:30am. I replied cousin dont worry, i'll stay up with you..she replied: are you sure you wont be counting the mintues for me to i seriously wont. Its not me that created the routine its the way my parents are!
Day number one of the month of Ramadan was such a toughy, i was barely able to walk towards the last half hour before mag'rib adan!I'm no even exaggorating. You see i didnt wake up for suhoor that day (as a matter of fact i never wake up for suhoor) i get my glass of water in my bed just for the baraka of suhoor, and i didnt bother having dinner the night before Ramadan started so i was so close to fainting and stayed in bed till it was time to break my fast. Its the same story every year on my first day of Ramadan. I just act like a little kid, and start asking when is magrib when is magrib!!
I havent cooked anything with exception to frying boreek the past two days. Other than that i just basically do nothing. I'm such a not fala7a! Thats the painful truth!


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,
Believe it or not I was so happy to read your recent post because it nearly described my days as well. I suppose it's nice to know we are not alone in the world or share similiarities with others.

Being that I'm the only Muslim in my family aside from Amira, Ramadan is very quiet and somewhat ordinary like every other day with some exceptions.

I find myself feeling delighted and even envious when I read of the excitement and communial gatherings of other Muslims. However not all is lost as we get these things through other holidays with my family and friends, alhamdullilah.

What a relief to know you don't start back to law school until after Ramadan. Oh my goodness, it's hard enough to do anything while fasting let alone trying to think. :-)

dusk till dawn said...

salam Happymoi,
u must be lucky to be lazy and so exciting b4 aftar ,u know in libya the month of Ramadan is all visiting and staying late gossip and family gathering to, but if ur family had drawing a line u have to respect their wishes,maybe they want quality times ,but thats does not stop u visiting ur mates if u wish ,or spend more times preparing new dishes.u need to spark ur life wt some thing luck sis

piccolina said...

loool the way ur parent act is just like mine .. honestly i was readying and i'm like that sounds like me talking ex for the not so fal7a thing lol i'm a lone so i HAVE to be fal7a !!!

bless u sweetie


Afnan Libeeya needing Libya said...

lol "such a not fal7a" thats a great one loool that realy made me laugh, i wish it was only my first day of ramdan was like that it seems everyday of ramadan this year is like that lool :P well inshallah the rest of ramdan is better for u ;)
as for ur family routine, lol its amazing mashallah to find a family so gud at keeping a routine in libya, so mashallah, its not so great u having no contact with family and friends wen everyone else is but then again it saves u from the gossip and all the stuff we shud be forgettin during ramdan, easier said than done i know :P
anyways take care and enjoy the rest of ramadan ;)