Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome dad, N Goodbye bro

Things have gotten a little busy with me lately!
Yesterday my daddy came home from Omraa-taqballa Allah Dad. He said his flight was so close to actually crashing, him and my uncle were together, and i have never seen them as happy to be alife and well. Alhamdullah 3ala salama! Just hearing how their flight was gave chills through my spine.

Then today, it was time to say good bye to my brother. Usually our faith is one, if we move we move together, but now with everyone getting older things have become so much different. My bro who is almost 3 years younger is moving to London to finish his last year of Business admisntration. We'll miss him dearly. I cant imagine how my life would be without him around. He was filling in for my dad everytime dad was away. He does everything for the house. Now all i got to say, i wish you a safe trip, and best of luck on your studies. i'm gonna miss you tons!

Other than that, i have only been out once all of this Ramadan. It was a nice thing to do for a change!

I have a plan to go visit my grandma from my mom's side so hopfully i will do that soon. I really miss her! We didnt see each other since Ramadan started. My bro was gonna take me with him on his goodbye tour yesterday but then my mom told me it would easier if he went alone. And she promised she'd tagg along with me to granny, and my aunts soon. Cant wait:)

I wish everyone a happy day;
ahhhh: when is magrib gonna come along?!!!


a_akak said...

al-hamid lil-allah ala salamat ur father and may allah accept his umraa and reward him :)

I wish ur brother all the best in London as i am sure he will ejoy it (not in ramadan) .... btw which uni is he studying in?

fe aman allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

Alhamdullah 3ala salamat your father and uncle and Mabrouk el 3omra for both of them.

best of luck to your brother in London inshaAllah.
you know I have 3 brothers and all of us at a time left Libya to study abroad, this is life, inshaAllah you all get to be united soon.

dusk till dawn said...

ummra mubaraka for ur father and uncle . gr8 they got home safe ,
all the best of luck 4 ur brother in his study in if u feel missing him it will be an excuse 4 u to go and visit him .

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Happymoi,

Alhamdullilah your father and uncle are home safe and sound.

Congratulations and good luck to your brother, inshallah. I can only imagine how you must be feeling knowing your brother will be gone for a bit. Adjustments can be fun and sad at the same time.

How exciting to go see your grandmother---hope you get to see her soon, inshallah. I loved visiting my grandmother - there's just something so incredible special about those visits, alhamdullilah.

Hibo said...

حمد الله ع سلامة وبيك الغالي
وتقبل الله منه ومنا سائر الأعمال

متأسفة علي التأخير