Saturday, May 26, 2007

Exam Number One :)


Date: May 26th, 2007.

Final Exam Number 1:

I'm happy to announce that my first exam is officially over. It has been for over 2 hours and I did really well –Alhamdullah- but I have to admit I was really bored taking the exam because it required little thinking if any. True it was easy but it wasn’t fun. There wasn’t a single question that kept me thinking. Every thing had a straight answer and it required more than anything a good memory recall…sometimes this is not a bad thing, but not if you have like in my case being studying this subject for a whole week and the material consisted of two books, two (4-6 pgs) sheets,and about 12 lecture notes (I didn’t even count the pages). When you study all this and answer past exams you expect the questions to be up to the level. Again, even though it wasn’t a thought provoking exam I'm happy it went well.

Now I'm not going to nag about it. Bel3akes, I'm pleased I did well. Credit first of goes to almighty Allah ,then to everyone else who remembered me and prayed I'd do well.

I just wanted to share with you my first final exam experience this year. Continue praying for me, and if you haven’t before then please do so now.

Next Exam: Administration Law (monitoring the administration system)
Date of Exam: May 28, 2007
Time of the Exam: 11am to 1pm.

Until next post,
(this was written 3:15pm on May26th)
Fe Aman Allah (akak: keep your barakat,they are working:P)


mani said...

Excellent progress ya Happy mashallah.. lol watch it dont sneer at exams you have yet more to go and ma khafeya kan a3tham lolol..

Good Luck sis and we are praying for you,


Anglo-Libyan said...

MashaAllah well done and good luck with the rest inshaAllah.

a_akak said...

Masha Allah, i am very happy for you I insha allah you will do this good in all your exams but i will send you an invoice for my barakat :P and dont get ahead of yourself and go ...........

Fe Aman Allah

MaySoon said...

MashaAllah 3lek, inshaAllah belnja7, and best of luck for the rest ya Rab :oD

Lebeeya said...

You have been talking about your exams for the past 4 months and you only finished your first exam! Mashallah you have been studying for a long time lol

Well done and Good luck on the next exam! :)

DaMoon said...

Oh wow, we have another nerdy nerd in da blog world, now 3 of mashallah I wonder who's gonna be glad to hear that u done well, and good luck with ur tomorrow's exam, rabe yafta7ha 3leek o ewafgik ya rabb

a_akak said...


"Attack is the best tactic for defence" and I see that in you :P are you trying to suppress the Nerd within you? are you in state of denial? are you pointing the finger at others without realising that you pointing 4 fingers towards yourself? DaMoon DaMoon DaMoon...... Don’t suppress yourself, and let it gooooo..... i have feeling you might have been the Queen of Nerds (back in the days) ? and you probably have the "Nadarat ga3er al-tassa" (really thick lens glasses) somewhere hidden?

Just joking as you are “DaMoon” and we like “DaMoon” the way she is ………….but that could have been my Dr Phil moment :P

Fe Aman allah

cofman said...

lol @ Leebyea lolol

--- >> " 4 months and you only finished your first exam! Mashallah you have been studying for a long time lol "

soooooooooooooo true lol

i am glad there is someone watching every word lol

DaMoon said...

ya ahmed ya never been a nor will be ane tai7a 3lia saboora, ya retni jeet nerdy nerd bash show off shwiya! but allah ghalib

Happymoi, keef jawbti today?

a_akak said...


you are a special unique person and it is this uniqueness that shines and makes you special and no matter if you are a Nerd or "tay7a 3leek Saboora" as you are "you" the one and only DaMoon and your personality doesn’t need you to show it off as it is as apparent as the sun. where even a blind person has to notice it and acknowledge it :) ……….. So this better?

Happy: Let us know how you have done in ur exam?

I am good as this :P

Fe Aman Allah

Brave Heart said...

well done happy, i'm sure u will be successful lawyer